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What kind of exercise is the most suitable for 20 years, 40, and 60 years old, at different ages?

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sportsThere are many benefits:

Power training, fat lossMuscle increase,haveOxygen movement, enhanceHeart and lungEssence

However, the magical thing is that the gym has always been the same group of people.

In China, it seems that it is only a big muscle man who trained for strength, a fitness coach. There are very few girls, and there are very few older people.

In fact, everyone knows that at a certain age, strength training is needed, and muscles need to be maintained.

If you have no habit of exercise, it is likely toMuscle lossIt may not even be able to act properly.

There are two extremes now:

Some people have excessive fitness, causing their hearts to unbearable.

Some people never fitness, leading to muscle loss.

Each age group, suitable exercise and exercise methods are different.

Today, let’s talk about what ages are suitable for what exercise.↓

Different ages need to adjust different exercise and exercise methods.

However, there are exceptions, such as some fitness gods, who have always adhered to the habit of fitness, and always maintained their own and to bear the way of exercise.

So what kind of exercise is suitable for different ages?

→ adolescent

In childhood, exercise can be promotedBone growth and development, Enhance self -confidence and improve sleep.

It is recommended that young children do more outdoor exercise. It is best to run in the sun, or have jumping exercises, play basketball, and play football. It is recommended to exercise every dayAbout one hourEssence

However, the current children’s study pressure is heavy, the amount of exercise is seriously insufficient, and many physical education classes have been occupied by the main courses.

During the youth, due to the heavy academic and developmental effects, exercise habits often decreased steadily, especiallygirlEssence

group activityIt helps children to maintain good interpersonal relationships. If possible, encourage young people to maintain a team movement. If you don’t like team movements, you can choose swimming or track and field movements.

→ 20 years old, what sports is suitable

At the age of 20 is the best period of physical condition, like the sun at eight or nine o’clock.

You are in your 20s, you are absolutelyPeakThe highest response time, the maximum oxygen volume (the body can pump oxygen to the maximum rate of muscle) the highest.

This means that every time you breathe the oxygen, you can enter the muscles to the greatest extent without special effort, so many athletes are in the early 20s.

At this age, you can do any exercise to challenge your limits. This is envious of many older people.

However, after the peak value, the maximum oxygen volume decreases up to 1%each year, and the response time slows down every year.

Is there any way to stop this decline?We can also see that some athletes can still have a good result after the age of 30 or even 40.Physical exercise can slow down this declineEssence

Increase at this age groupMuscle trainingTo establish lean muscle quality and bone density, it can be maintained in the following years, and it is better if the exercise effect is effective.

However, it should also be noted that you should not use it unscrupulously because you are young. You must grasp a suitable limit. Do not exercise when you can’t bear it. At the same time, you must pay attention to muscle recovery.

→ What exercise is suitable for in his 30s?

The 30s are a special period.For most people,Families have been established in their 30s, and their careers have also entered a rising period. Time, busy, and stressful.

Many people have a hidden danger at this stage, such asSmoking, drinkingCause cardiovascular disease,Fatty liverWomen may also have postpartum diseases such as leakage and breastfeeding due to production.

Therefore, during this period, it is necessary to develop good living habits and increase some necessary force training to slow down normal physical recession and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Especially many people are engaged inSedentaryFor work, pay attention to maintaining a good posture, and active for a while to break long -term sitting and move as much as possible every half an hour.

The most suitable way of exercise isHigh -intensity intermittent trainingThe outbreak of this high -intensity activity can make the heart rate reach 80%of the maximum heart rate, such as sprinting and cycling.

In recent years, high -strength intermittent training is particularly popular in recent years (HIIT), can quickly achieve good results in a short time.

The reason behind it is easy to understand: HIIT exercise usually only lasts 15 minutes to 20 minutes. However, it will burn more calories, exercise muscles, and improve heart rate.

For women, especially women, especially after childbirth, it is necessary to perform basal floor movements, also known asKiger MovementEssence

Maybe you have heard that it helps enhance the function of the basin muscle and prevent childbirth urinary incontinence.

→ What kind of exercise is suitable for in his 40s

Many people began to gain weight when many people were in their 40s:

On the one hand, the age is causedMetabolic declineIf the diet is not controlled, it is easy to gain weight. On the other hand, the pressure increases, leading to a strong appetite.

It may be femaleEstrogen level decreasesIn the 40s, most people stop and keep exercise.

Older women may have no desire to exercise at all. I feel tired every day without exercise.

For men,TestosteroneThe level gradually decreases.By the age of 45, it began to decrease at about 1%per year.

Testosterone is a sex hormone, but there are many other important functions, such as maintaining muscle and bone strength, emotional level, and sleep quality. The level of exercise is also affected by testosterone.

The most suitable age group isResistance, Also known asPower training can help efficient burningCaliba, prevent excess fat accumulation and prevent muscle loss.

10 weeks of resistance training can increase the weight weight by 1.4kg, the static interest metabolic rate increases by 7%, and the fat weight decreases by 1.8kg.

Long -term strength training can reduce muscle loss by 3%to 8%.

→ When you are in your 50-60 years old, what sports are suitable

If you are young when you are young, you maintain a good dietary habit, for example: less smoking, drinking, not overeating, not eating a lot of refined carbohydrates, insisting on exercise, generally there is no chronic disease.

However, if you don’t pay attention before, at this age,Back pain, joint painMay appear suddenly, and may appearchronicFor example, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

For women, the estrogen of women’s estrogen decreases and suffersheart diseaseThe risk will increase.

Many people may have symptoms of chronic diseases or pain. It is difficult to perform more complicated exercise and perform twice a weekStrength TrainingJust, it is recommended to do itFast walking exerciseEssence

You can also try different aerobic training.for exampleSwimming, dance, Tai Chi, Tai Chi swordIt is very suitable for balance and relaxation.

→ 70 years old and above

The significance of the elderly in the age of 70 and above is not to increase any muscle or cardiopulmonary function.

ButPrevent weakness and fallAnd enhance cognitive ability.

If there are elderly people in the family, there are neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, or poor health.

The least thing that should not be omitted is unattractive, the strength and physical fitness will drop rapidly, lying down without moving, and it will further degrade the cognitive ability of the elderly, and it is difficult to return to the previous level.

You can do some simple exercise, such aswalk, Dance of inter -dance, and communicating more, chatting, or playing mahjong, which helps maintain cognitive ability.

Sometimes we follow the fitness blogger or fitness video training. It looks like others are easy, but we are very difficult. It is not necessarily your posture wrong, and you may not be suitable for this kind of exercise at all.

Everyone’s gene and physiological design determineBody shapeDifferent body shapes have different reactions to certain fitness actions.

→ Different people’s body type classification

Different body type classification is roughly divided into three types:Entry, mid embryonic and outer embryoEssence

EndheryUsually there are larger bone structure, wider hips, narrower shoulders, and more like pear -shaped figures.

Medium embryoIt often has natural muscles and sports figures; the endoscopic type is often thin, smaller skeleton, and relatively long limbs.

However, many people will misjudge their body type classification, especially if the outer embryo type is soft, it will often mistakenly judge that they are internal embryos.

→ Methods suitable for different body types

In most cases, the body shape is within a range, which means that there may be a dominant body shape, but it also has some characteristics of another body shape.

What if you areOuter embryoBecause the limbs are relatively slender, there is no need for too much aerobic exercise.If you do too much, the level of cortisol may increase, and the body will store abdominal fat.

What the outer embryo really needs is to passStrength TrainingTo increase muscle quality and strength, and prevent excessive use damage and common chronic problems, such as back pain and osteoporosis.

Middle embryo -type slow muscle fibers have fewer slow muscle fibers and low level of endurance, so it is more suitable for exercise such as sprinting.Avoid high -strength aerobic exercise, you can chooseOver -intensity aerobic exerciseEssence

Endexy type is particularly sensitive to isolation, which is to exercise a muscle at a time.Therefore, the internal embryo is suitable for a targeted exercise of a certain muscle or muscle group.

For sports, there are two extremes in modern society,Excessive and lack.

Many young people have an inexplicable figure and face anxiety because of the influence of social media, so they begin to work hard, evenExcessive fitnessEssence

However, most people are insufficient exercise, and some people, even at all, are not good.

If you find yourselfPhysical strengthI need to exercise;

If you find yourselfBegan to make a blessingI need to exercise;

If you find yourselfDecreased energyIt is necessary to exercise.

When you are young, if you like sports, you are lucky.

Older age, if you like sports, you will be healthy.

As we grow older, we need to constantly change the exercise method, and exercise should avoid risks.Choose a safe exercise.


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