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Don’t leave "forgotten corners" for environmental governance

Citizens have recently reported that there are many garbage near the Mazhuang Bus Station, hoping that relevant departments can clean up the garbage in time and improve the surrounding environment of the platform.
On March 5th, I took a bus from Mazhuang to get south after getting off the car. I saw a lot of motor vehicles parked on the roadside.Waiting for debris; some places are stacked with fiber plate corners, which is about five or six meters in length … Continue to south, there are not only many domestic garbage around a well, but also an unpleasant taste.The same is true on the north side of the station. Some places have more than ten pairs of shoes, and some are stacked with more than ten bags of construction waste.Some roadside vehicles are even surrounded by garbage.
Nearby residents reported that this was an unknown road, and it seemed to have become the “forgotten corner” of environmental governance.It is hoped that the relevant departments will rectify this road, standardize the phenomenon of chaos, and completely clean up the garbage, eliminate the chaos of garbage, and provide everyone with a safe and good travel environment.


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