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What are the magical changes to adhere to the sports meeting?

The arrival of summer makes people more lazy,
“Sweat all the door, don’t be afraid of heat stroke?”
However, there are still such a group of people,
Regardless of the severe cold and heat, or the cold winter month,
Still insisting on exercise,
What charm is fascinated by sports?
What are the benefits of adhering to the sports?
1. Reappear the perfect figure
It must be undoubtedly good.Frequent exercise can not only control the body fat content in a healthy range. If you add some strength training from time to time, it is also conducive to the creation of muscle lines, making you look more lines and stylish.
2. Strengthen cardiopulmonary function
Those who have long adhered to aerobic exercise for a long time have strong cardiopulmonary function.Because aerobic exercise can fully strengthen the cardiovascular and improve the blood function of the heart, which is conducive to promoting blood circulation and accelerating metabolism.Hematimal hematopoietic ability and lung capacity are better than ordinary people.
3. Strong bones, strong body
Sticking to exercise for a long time can promote the increase in bone blood flow, and increase the frequency of maternal maternal cells, thereby enhancing bone quality.
On the contrary, as the age increases, the bone will begin to become loose, resulting in crispy bones and crispy folding. Among them, the frequency of osteoporosis in middle -aged and elderly people is higher.
4. Release stress and improve sleep quality
Exercise is a very good method of decompression, because it can promote the body to synthesize serotonin and dopamine, which are key hormones that affect emotion.In addition, the fatigue of the body’s muscles can effectively promote the rest of the body and help improve your sleep quality.
5. Improve skin
Frequent exercise helps improve your body metabolism.This is because the sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin are secreted strongly during exercise. The toxins that remain in the skin will also be discharged with sweat, and the skin will naturally become more translucent and shiny.
6. Improve immunity
People who often exercise are less likely to get sick.Exercise can increase body temperature, help improve the phagocytosis of macrophages on cells and viruses, inhibit their reproduction and diffusion in the body, thereby improving immunity.Friends who have poor resistance, move it quickly ~
After reading these, is it exciting?
But Xiaobai, who has just started exercise, will be a bit confused,
Without the foundation of exercise, how should we start from?
Don’t worry, reduce the girl, this will recommend it to you,
4 simple and easy -to -learn moves!
(Very suitable for getting started)
Take 5 minutes every morning and do it according to this plan. The next day will maintain super high calorie consumption, and the fat loss efficiency will be higher.
Squat X15
Action route: up and down straight movement (that is, when squatting from top to bottom, you do action on the vertical surface instead of oblique)
Movement points: The feet are more separated than the shoulders, and at the same time, the toes should also be the same direction as the knee (feet, knees, and hips on the same straight line).
In the abdomen, the pelvis should be in a neutral position, the hips are tightened. First of all, the hip should be flexed, and then the knees are flexed.
Push -up x 15 (male/female)
The body is raised up and parallel to the body to keep it lifted to keep breathing naturally; keep the abdomen tighten, and the back of the waist is straight; the arms are opened greater than the shoulder width, and your hands are supported by your hands; your legs are straight, and your front toes point.
Tablet support x 30s
Action essentials: Do not raise your head, the elbows are vertically on the ground, and the head, hips, and ankles are on a straight line.
The back of the waist is straight, the abdomen is tightened; the feet are opened, the shoulders are wide; naturally breathing, the nose is breathable.
Cycling roller X 15
Ride a bicycle alternately with your legs), keep the back of the waist tightly on the ground, and the circulation is completed; lying on the pad, the hands of your hands, the scapula leave the ground, keep the abdomen state; keep the abdomen tighten, breathe naturally, and breathe in the nose.
Rest for 15-20 seconds between each action and repeat 1-3 groups.
Don’t you practice quickly?
If you also want to have a healthy life,
Then exercise is your best helper.
Although the results of exercise are not overnight,
But persist, you will be able to gain a better self.


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