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Yongcheng’s new work "Molly and Senke": From the perspective of AI, talk about commercial spy wars

China Youth Daily Client News (China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Jiang Xiaobin) On April 12, writer Yongcheng and his new work “Molly and Senke” appeared in Beijing RDV Bookstore.The novel is a commercial spy war novel described from a unique AI (artificial intelligence) perspective.
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The novel is based on the AI system, Sek and a rookie investigator, Molly, to investigate a high -tech company’s secret case as the main line, explore the “double -edged sword” effect of artificial intelligence technology to comprehensively serve the society, and steal the privacy of privacy.The subtle interaction.The story spans all the way from Hangzhou West Lake to Turin, Italy. With the development of the plot, the extraordinary high -tech entrepreneur, the internal investigator of the large group, the mysterious international financial guest, the greedy Italian triad, and the creator of the Creator of SenkeLao Chen and other key figures appeared one after another to push the story to a climax.
In Yongcheng’s pen, Sek is not only a tool for assisting investigations, but also an independent consciousness of thinking and judgment.With its advanced deep learning algorithm and accumulated massive data, Senke gradually realized the meaning of human language, movement, and expressions, but confused because of the different appearances and lack of rationality in human beings …
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Yongcheng is known as the first person in domestic business criminal spy novels, and is known for its creation of contemporary financial business warfare and high -tech criminal novels.The new work “Molly and Senke” published by the writer’s publishing house continues the theme of high -tech crimes and business spy war. AI uses AI as the “I” in the story as the main narrative body, creating a precedent for such narrative models in China.
Yongcheng, who has a master’s degree in engineering from Stanford University, worked as a robot engineer in Silicon Valley in his early years, and later changed his bank to the field of commercial survey and consultation.He refined the story material from his own experience, his masterpieces, “People in the Net”, “First Class Thief”, “Thirty -eight Floor” and “Secret Investigator” series of novels are widely loved by readers.
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