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2024 Healthy China Innovation Practice Case Collection Exhibition Activities

In order to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the “Outline of the” Healthy China 2030 “plan and the” Opinions of the State Council on Deepening the Patriotic Health Movement “and” Opinions on the Implementation of the Implementation of Healthy China Actions “and other documents, continue to excavate and continuePromote the practice cases of healthy Chinese operations and patriotic health campaigns, summarize the innovative practices and advanced experiences of various regions and units. Under the guidance of the Office of the National Patriotic Health Sports Commissioner, the People’s Health officially launched the “2024 Healthy China Innovation Practice Case Collection Exhibition Activity” “Essence
1. Solid object
Public solicitation for the whole society, party committees and governments at all levels, relevant departments, social organizations, enterprises and institutions can recommend and recommend themselves.
2. Collecting time
From now until August 31, 2024
3. Scope of solicitation
1. Grassroots practice: In the 15 special operations of the patriotic health movement and health China action, the influencing factors of the health of the health, maintaining the health of the whole life, the prevention and control of major diseases, the health education and health promotion activities of the whole life cycle, Create a healthy and livable urban and rural environment, advocate civilized, healthy and green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, etc., and have achieved some practical and demonstration grass -roots innovation measures and cases with certain practical and demonstrations.
2. Health responsibility: achieve results and experience in fulfilling health responsibilities, including but not limited to implementing relevant national policies, employee care, occupational health, special group care, corporate responsibility, health enterprise construction, or the popularization of health science popularization knowledge, etc.Innovation cases and measures.
3. Innovation exploration: In terms of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the transformation of industry, research, research, quality and efficiency improvement management system, and promoting the development of the healthy industry, new technologies and methods have been used to achieve good results in health products and services., Leading innovation cases and measures.
4. AI empowerment: In terms of building smart cities, digital villages, medical health, establishment of civilized, healthy and green environmental protection lifestyles, explore artificial intelligence technology and improve new productivity, and have innovative cases and measures with certain representative results or experience.
Fourth, case requirements
1. Reality: The case of submitting the case must be true and accurate, and it is forbidden to fiction, fabrication, and exaggeration.
2. Innovation: Submitting cases reflect the spirit of innovation in concepts, methods, and measures.
3. Practice: Submitting cases have achieved solid results in the process of helping to promote the healthy China.
4. Typicality: The reporting case must meet the characteristics of local or industry, and it has a reference significance for other regions or units.
5. For the content of the same case, it is only once declared.Please consider the type of declaration carefully when applying.If the same case is declared in multiple types, only one is taken for review.
5. Measures for submission of cases
1. Mailbox submission: Click the attachment to download the case to collect the electronic version declaration form below the article.After filling in, please send the application form to the electronic version of the registration form to the designated mailbox: [email protected], please indicate “(a certain unit) 2024 health China Innovation Case Collection”, related pictures, media reports and other appendix materialsCan be sent at the same time.
2. Contact: Teacher Yuan, Teacher Liu Tel: 010-65367969
Click to download: grassroots practice type declaration form
Click to download: Health Responsibility Type Declaration Form
Click to download: Innovative exploration type declaration form
Click to download: AI empowerment type declaration form


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