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Lu Pin: How to learn from party discipline learning and education

  The whole party’s development of party discipline learning and education is an important measure to strengthen the party’s discipline construction and promote the strict and strict development of the party.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee with the highest leadership comrades has attached great importance to disciplinary construction, and the political, era, and targetedness of disciplinary construction have been increasing.Through the development of party discipline and education, the discipline of iron is truly transformed into the daily habits and conscious follow of party members and cadres.
  To learn the theoretical foundation of the Supreme Leadership in the new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics
  The conscious development of discipline is based on a high level of political theory. The rational and conscious discipline consciousness must be supported by the firm belief of party members and cadres, and the firmness of faith cannot be separated from the theoretical learning.Disciplinary education led by the lack of scientific guiding ideology can only stay at the level of “requirements” and “restraint” of the external discipline and cadres of party members and cadres. It is a passive “obedience”. It is difficult to develop into an inner conscious behavior.It has an unshakable firmness.Stepping on the new journey of comprehensively building a socialist modernization country, only by achieving the unity and firm belief of the whole party, can we provide the prerequisite and laying the foundation for the unity of organizational actions and condensing strong combat effectiveness.
  On the basis of the party disciplinary learning and education, the goal of anchoring party discipline learning and education should be anchored on the basis of learning the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in a comprehensive system, and the party, especially leading cadres, to continuously lead the learning and implementation of the new era of socialist ideology with the highest leaders.In -depth, guide party members and cadres to build the foundation of faith, supplement the calcium of the spirit, and make the rudder of steady thinking, promote the decisive significance of the party to deeply understand the “two establishment”, and always be the firmness of the supreme leaders of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.Believers and loyal practitioners.In party discipline learning and education, the major era of Marxist parties, which must build a long -term governing Marxist party, and how to build a major era of Marxist parties that build long -term governance, highlight the main line of the theme of the party strictly, and in -depth grasp of the “13 persistence”The scientific system; in -depth study of the important ideas of the General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership on the self -revolution of the party, focusing on why our party is self -revolutionary, why self -revolution, and how to promote self -revolution, and accurately grasp the “nine to nine” self -revolution.Practice requirements; in -depth study of the Supreme Leader’s Thought of the Law of the Law, and deeply understand that the Supreme Leader’s Thought of the Law of the Law is an important part of the Socialist Thought of Socialism with the Supreme Leader in the new era.The secretary’s important exposition on the party’s disciplinary construction, comprehensively understanding the Party Central Committee with the top leader comrades as the core, in the practice of advancing the disciplinary construction as a strategy to promote the comprehensive and strict party governance of the party, summarized and summarized the experience and lessons of the Chinese Communist Party’s construction and lessons.The requirements put forward to guide the majority of party members to establish a sense of discipline and build a strong atmosphere of discipline, knowledge, Ming discipline, and discipline in the whole party.
  Adhere to the original study and promote the regulations to enter the mind
  You can learn the discipline, and Mingji can keep the discipline.Party discipline learning and education should be based on the “Regulations on the Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”).To achieve deep understanding and integration.
  First, highlight the study of political discipline, and adhere to political discipline as the outline to drive the discipline and strict discipline.Party discipline is many aspects, but political discipline is the most important, fundamental, and most critical discipline. Observing the party’s political discipline is an important basis for obeying the party’s entire discipline.Through party discipline and education, in -depth explanation of the essential requirements of political discipline, ensure that the whole party has always maintained a high degree of consistent with the Party Central Committee on political stance, political direction, political principles, and political roads.”, Firm” four self -confidence “and” two maintenance “.At the same time, focusing on the new requirements of the entire party to further strict political discipline and political rules, especially the various deployment requirements of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on strengthening the party’s comprehensive leadership and the party’s centralized unified leadership.Regarding the implementation of discounts and deployment of the Party Central Committee’s decision -making deployment, making a change of change, engaging in political attachment, and political scammers, etc., explaining why the relevant behavior should be incorporated into the performance of violations of political discipline, explaining why the two original work discipline and one original work discipline and one original workThe disciplinary violations of crowd discipline are adjusted into political discipline violations.
  Second, in accordance with the essential requirements and basic spirit of each type of discipline in accordance with the type of discipline, explore the source of the system.The essence of deep understanding of the party’s political discipline is to adhere to the party’s leadership and achieve “two maintenance”; the essential requirements of organizational discipline are to adhere to democratic centralism and implement the party’s organizational route in the new era;Political integrity and public power, consciously avoid the conflict of interest in various activities; the essential requirements of mass discipline are to adhere to the party’s purpose and resolutely implement the party’s mass line;; The essence of life discipline is to implement the core values of socialism.
  Third, based on the regular understanding of each type of disciplinary behavior, in -depth study the core requirements behind each disciplinary text.In the study, we will further sort out common violations of disciplinary violations, multiple disciplinary behaviors, and new disciplinary behaviors in accordance with various disciplinary acts, in -depth understanding of various disciplinary acts, identification of disciplinary behaviors, and disciplinary liability.Define such violations of discipline and other disciplinary behaviors.
  Fourth, grasp the six major discipline as a scientific system, comprehensively understand the scientific connotation of the six major disciplines and the practice requirements of various provisions, and consciously build the ideological defense line of observance of discipline in the work.Promote the basic principles and essential requirements of party members and cadres to understand the basic principles and essential requirements of disciplinary construction, and then continue to self -cultivation, self -restraint, self -transformation, always self -examination, self -alert and self -motivation.Stop.
  Fifth, connect with actual in -depth learning on the basis of the original learning, and better promote the internalization of the “Regulations” requirements.Various departments and departments can distinguish between different levels, different fields, and different positions. On the basis of accurately understanding and grasping disciplinary requirements, we need to grasp the key work, job responsibilities, business processes and other tasks., Continue to carry out the reminder of the integrity, increase the reminder of the integrity, and build the disciplinary defense line of party members and cadres from the details.
  Adhere to the “key minority” to drive “the vast majority”
  In party discipline learning and education, insist on using “key minority” to drive “the vast majority”, on the basis of achieving the full coverage of the “largest majority”, strengthen the “precision supervision” of “key minorities” to guide party members, cadres, especially new new newPromote cadres, young cadres, and key positions of cadres to learn discipline, discipline, discipline, Ming, and disciplined, and engrav the rules and disciplines in their hearts, and internalize them into daily use and unknown words and deeds.
  Newly promoted cadres in new positions, shoulders the organization of the organization and the trust of the people, how to settle their own position, establish a correct outlook on power, political performance, and career.The relationship between responsible and responsible is the serious political test they are facing.Strengthening the discipline education of new promotion of cadres so that they always remember their “why departure”, and deeply understanding more important positions means that more trust trust, more responsibilities, and greater risks. We must strictly keep the party’s various items.Disciplinary requirements, maintain awe of the discipline and law, and be aware of in awareness, deserve fear, and abide by the rules.
  Young cadres are successors of the party and the state. Whether it can be strictly adhered to discipline, clear and honest, is related to its own healthy growth, and it is also related to the future of the party and the state.It is necessary to strengthen the discipline education of young cadres, strengthen disciplinary education for cadres of key positions, especially focusing on the accurate education content of the full -cycle of the career growth of young cadres and the entire process, and help them understand the importance of “tie the first buckle”, Stable on the right road.
  The cadres in key positions are generally in key positions, key areas, and key links, which play a vital role in the development of the region and departments and units.Mastering people, wealth, affairs, and property rights, if you do not strengthen education or lack effective management and supervision, the operation of power will be out of control, and it will be prone to disciplinary violations.At the same time, the development of party discipline and education in the whole party also reflects the party’s discipline coverage. There is no “restricted area”, “privilege”, and “exception”. It is facing all party organizations and party members, covering all areas, aspects, and departments of the party’s construction.
  (Responsible editor: Li Junhui)


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