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Winning | Blue Whale Environmental Protection Winning Sichuan Air Pollution Prevention and Control of Third -Party Consultation Management Service Procurement Project

The International Energy Network was informed that recently, the results of the winning bid for the procurement of third -party consulting management and control service procurement projects in Sichuan’s air pollution prevention and control were announced.

The announcement shows that the project purchaser is the Weiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau of Neijiang City. The service content is to conduct a comprehensive environmental protection status investigation and problem investigation and problem investigation of enterprises in Weiyuan County in the quarter of the service content (including water, gas, soil, solid hazardous waste, groundwater)EssenceAccording to the investigation situation, the environmental protection issues found in the written report of the Weiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau, and sorting out the formation of problems and rectification opinions and suggestions.In response to the problems of the company’s investigation, the personnel of the station will conduct on -site review of the enterprise to follow up the rectification of the enterprise in real time, so that the enterprise can meet the requirements of the standard discharge and the current environmental protection policies.Organize experts with larger problems and make rectification requirements or improvement suggestions.Each year in accordance with the archives management regulations, the investigation data is booked and archived, and the Ecological Environment Bureau will be transferred to the Ecological Environment Bureau after the archives are completed.

It is reported that Sichuan Blue Whale Smart Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018. It is a professional technical company in environmental protection. It is strived to be an ecological environmental protection iron army and is committed to environmental protection causes that are harmonious and harmonious in nature and nature.Blue whale smart environmental protection innovation and quality are equally focused. It mainly develops environmental protection consulting, performance classification, fund declaration, research reporters, engineering design, environmental protection equipment, social stability evaluation, atmospheric quality guarantee, indoor air control and other businesses.Environmental protection service system; efficiency and environmental protection parallel, use professionalism to break development and ecological barriers, coexist with the real economy, share storms, and grow together.Both partners enjoy environmental protection services with customized, professional, accuracy, and long -term effects; security and links are enjoyed, linking industry resources with an open attitude, pursuing more secure and stricter and more accurate environmental protection standards, and environmental protection peopleCreate the community of the industry to create a more trusted and safer blue sky.

The bid announcement is as follows:

Announcement of the results (transactions) results of air pollution prevention and control of third -party consulting and control service procurement project

1. Project number: N5110242024000021

2. Project name:Air pollution prevention and control third -party consulting management and control service procurement project

3. Procurement results

Contract pack 1:

Fourth, the main target information

Contract Pack 1 (Contract Pack 1):

Service (Sichuan Blue Whale Smart Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.)

5. Review experts (single source purchasing staff) list:

Li Langqiang (purchaser representative), Wang Qingyuan, Wang Wensheng

6. Standards and amounts of agency service charges:

Agent service fee charging standard:

The agency service fee is charged 15,000 yuan to the transaction supplier’s quota.

Agent service fee amount:

Contract 1: 15,000 yuan.Objects: winning the bid (transaction) supplier.

7. Announcement period

1 working day from the date of this announcement.

8. Other supplements

Inspection of the Financial Bureau of Weiyuan County, Neijiang City: 0832-8237752.

Address of Weiyuan County, Neijiang City: No. 209, East Street, Yanling Town, Weiyuan County.

Postcode of Weiyuan County Finance Bureau of Neijiang City: 642450.

(Complaint acceptance unit: the financial department of the same level of the project, that is, the Weiyuan County Finance Bureau.)

Nine. If you ask for the content of this announcement, please contact the following ways.

1. Purchase information

Name: Weiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau, Neijiang City

Address: No. 137, Sanitation Road, Bridge Street, Yanling Town, Weiyuan County

Contact: 13890582612

2. Procurement agency information

Name: Sichuan Guozheng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

Address: China (Sichuan) Free Trade Pilot Zone Chengdu High -tech Zone No. 500 A Avenue No. 5 Floor No. 31, No. 31, No. 31

Contact: 13668130190

3. Project contact information

Project Contact: Zhong Zhengdong

Tel: 13668130190

Sichuan Guozheng Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

March 25, 2024


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