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Xu Min, Secretary of the District Party Committee, investigate and check food safety work

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On the morning of April 24th, Xu Min, the secretary of the district party committee, went deep into the enterprise, hospital, school and other places to investigate and inspect food safety work.He emphasized that we must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Supreme Leadership General Secretary to inspect the spirit of Hebei, inspect the important instructions of Tangshan, resolutely implement the work arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the work arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee, adhere to the people’s supremacy, life first, and grasp food safety supervision with a strong sense of responsibility., Ensure the safety of the people on the tongue of the people.The district leaders Zhou Xingyong and Qin Xiaoping attended.

Xu Min and his party went to the North Shopping Plaza, District People’s Hospital, Jinqiao Daolton Middle School, Yinian Sunshine Senior Apartment and Country Garden Kindergarten to carefully check food procurement and storage, health management of employees, and disinfection of catering tools.

Xu Min emphasized that food safety is a people’s livelihood project and the people’s heart project. It is related to the happiness and health of millions of households, and the harmony and stability of society.Relevant units at all levels in the region must firmly establish the concept of “everything and lose everything”, strictly fulfill the responsibility of food safety subjects and department supervision responsibilities, and always use the sense of responsibility and mission of “rest assured” to effectively grasp food safetyWork.It is necessary to continuously strengthen food safety and fire safety inspections and rectification of schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other key places, strictly implement the “daily control, weekly inspection, and monthly dispatch” mechanism, promote the transparent and safety management of the food supply chain, and ensure dining hygiene and safety.It is necessary to integrate fire safety into daily management, take multiple measures and prevent the hidden dangers of various types of risks, effectively build a security defense line, and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the people in the region.

Original title: “Xu Min, Secretary of the District Party Committee Xu Min, Investigation and Inspection of Food Safety Work”


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