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Xiamen Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Anti -cancer health examination must be "four morning"

  From April 15th to 21st this year is the 30 National Tumor Prevention Propaganda Week, the theme is “Comprehensive Policies Scientific Cancer”.In order to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on cancer prevention and control, and implement the “Healthy China Action-Cancer Prevention and Control Action Implementation Plan (2023-2030)”, the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recently issued initiative to the whole society. I hope everyone will actively participate in prevention of prevention.Cancer health examination can prevent early prevention, early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment.

  It is reported that the city has implemented tumor monitoring since 1994, and has been implemented for 30 consecutive years.In 2023, the city’s total cancer survival rate was 48.14%, showing a steady upward trend, and the indicators of health China actions were completed in advance.

  According to the latest monitoring data of the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Municipal Tumor Registration Office), in recent years, the incidence of cancer in the city has shown an increase, but the mortality rate has declined.In 2020, there were 9,384 new cancer cases in our city, with a total incidence of 350.64/100,000, an increase of 7.82%over 2019. The new cancer species are mainly thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, etc.;There were 3965 cases with a mortality rate of 148.16/100,000, a decrease of 1.06%from 2019.The first three were lung cancer, breast cancer, and thyroid cancer; the top three of death were lung cancer, liver cancer, and colorectal cancer.Lung cancer ranks first among male and female malignant tumors.

  The Municipal Disease Control Center issued an initiative to the whole society:

  1. Everyone is the first responsible person of their own health, and can prevent early prevention, early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment;

  2. The whole society jointly supports and participate in cancer prevention work, and create a good atmosphere of anti -cancer and cancer.

  3. Give full play to the authoritative leadership of institutions and experts in related fields, and strengthen the correct understanding of cancer and scientific prevention and control of the whole society.

  4. Establish the concept of great health, jointly build a multi -level, three -dimensional, three -dimensional cancer prevention system that the whole society participates in the whole of crowds, the whole life cycle, and the cancer incidence and mortality rate, and increase the premature diagnosis and survival rate of cancer.Containment of cancer hazards and improve the health level of the whole people.


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