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The world’s 1/4 fries are from this brand!This food giant officially settled in Minhang!

McCann Food is a global family company.Today’s global market,There is one product of McKen’s product every 4 fries.EssenceIt has multiple factories in the world’s five continents, and its products are distributed to more than 160 countries and regions.After nearly 70 years of cultivation, McKinsein Food is hereRanked first in the global top 100 food and beverage list (potato product category) in 2022, And have been selected for the top ten food brands in the world for many yearstop 10Essence

“Shanghai is a highland open to the outside world. The Hongqiao import and export commodity display trading center located in the Nanhongqiao area is a centralized display and trading platform. McCan chose to set up a company here, expressing our open cooperation, innovation development, and customers with customers.The positive attitude of being centered will help promote the integration and sharing of the McCann brand and external resources, so that McCann made better changes while adhering to the brand values, and injecting fresh vitality into the booming development of Minhang District and Nanhong BridgeEssence“Robert Stevens, Managing Director of McKen China, said at the ceremony.

Minhang is an important industrial cradle, economic district, science and technology highland, and livable urban areas in Shanghai. It is also a blessing place for the vigorous development of foreign companies.It has been introduced to include includedJohnsonWaiting for world -renowned brandsSuper Hundred World Fortune 500 companiesEssence

The Nanhongqiao area is an important carrying area of the Hongqiao International Open Hub. It is a superimposed area for the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, the China International Import Expo, the Hongqiao International Open Hub, and the “Silk Road E -commerce” radiation leading area.Here have been introduced to Tyson Food, Edaq, Hoffman Tools and other regional headquarters and foreign -funded R & D centers, which have been settled in totalMore than 25,000 companies,in10 listed companies and more than 260 headquarters enterprises, A good situation of “headquarters economic gathering place, opening a strong magnetic field to the outside world”.


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