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The winners of the Hong Kong Youth Innovation Tournament are expected to "go global" to win the glory for Hong Kong

  The “26th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Contest” award ceremony was held in the third phase of the Hong Kong Science Park.Conference Conferry

  The “26th Hong Kong Youth Science and Technology Innovation Competition” sponsored by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Education Bureau commissioned by the Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association held an awards ceremony yesterday.There were 251 award -winning projects in this contest, including 23 first prizes.The winners will have the opportunity to participate in the largest and global science and technology competitions in multiple and the world, communicate with science and technology talents from all over the country and around the world, learn from each other, broaden their horizons, and win glory for Hong Kong.

  250 schools nearly 4000 projects register for the competition

  This contest has attracted 250 schools and nearly 4,000 projects to register for the competition.The project includes “scientific fantasy painting”, “science fiction novels”, “research and invention”, “Steam activity”, “Steam teacher”, “Steam teaching aids” and “Steam school”.Essence

  After the preliminary evaluation and the general evaluation, 251 winning projects were born in this contest, including 23 first prizes, 25 second prizes, 29 third prizes, and 145 excellent prizes.The competition also has 23 special prizes, which are established by the Hong Kong Inspection and Certification Agency, Professional Safety and Health Bureau and other institutions, respectively to perform excellent projects that have performed well in different fields.The conference also set up the “Excellent Organization Award” to organize six primary and secondary schools with the most positive and outstanding performance of teachers and students to participate in the competition.

  Li Meiyang, the permanent secretary -general of the Education Bureau, delivered a speech at the awards ceremony that the development of Chuangke is the cornerstone of social progress. In recent years, the Education Bureau has vigorously supported schools to promote Steam education, promote students ‘cross -disciplinary learning in the field of digital science and technology, and improve students’ hands -on ability.Cultivate scientific spirit and innovation ability.


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