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The key to improving family education is to teach children to "play"

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Some experts believe that children should be allowed to play in middle school.But as parents, how should we control the scale and not let children play with their minds?

expert’s point

Researcher Chu Zhaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Education and Science: How can parents improve the level of family education?Letting children love learning is more important than asking children to learn. Playing is the most effective learning of children.How to play children is something that parents need to consider. In fact, every child has a desire to express his desire and want to do his own affairs.Parents should cultivate their children’s sense of responsibility, spiritual cooperation, interests, hobbies, etc. in the activity.Help children experience the rules, overcome difficulties, and be responsible for their actions, and guide them to understand the importance of others to complete a certain activity. Once the child has their own guidelines, they do not need others to supervise.

Teach children to do everything from an early age.Let them start self -management, self -service, self -education, and learn to negotiate and share with others.Children’s moral development includes six stages: relying on punishment, work by bribery, functioning by charm, relying on self -discipline, relying on benevolence and love, and relying on realm.Parents can stimulate their children’s high requirements for their own life based on the different stages of their children’s moral growth.

Parents often communicate with their children, let children know about the major events and difficulties in the family, and find a solution together.From an early age, he has a quantitative division of housework with your children, discuss with children, and has to overcome difficulties to overcome difficulties, such as buying less toys and eating less snacks.Try to avoid parents and children enjoy it.Caring and love for children is the basis of education. Children from poor and harmonious homes are generally better than children of families who lack emotion and trust.

Family is the most closely emotional relationship. The closest relationship between family relationships is also prone to conflict. Father and son, mother and daughter conflict are the most likely. Democratic family atmospheres are most conducive to the maximum of children’s creativity.Parents should observe carefully, pay attention to the child’s autonomous growth and development state, balance emotional relationships, avoid cross -border, and effectively use emotion to educate children.

There are usually two relationships between the two generations of father and son: one is close and coordinated, and the other is not very coordinated or even opposed.Parents should find the fit point between the two generations of father and son.The impact of congenital inheritance and the acquired cultural environment on the development of children is the basis for the fitting point of the father and son. It exists objectively and naturally between each child and parents.Parents form a family and naturally form a cultural field. It affects their children every day. Even if the parents do not say anything, the child will inherit the cultural gene of the family in unconscious.

Parents can gradually find themselves and their children’s clear fit points through the exploration of daily life.In this way, the child’s interest is gradually cultivated through some activities and motivated each other to make children more clear about their own direction.After a long period of time, parents and children will go further and further at this fit point.On the road where the child is consistent with his talent is consistent with his talent, parents should let go more to let the child realize themselves, and do not intervene too much.Standing on the side of the road, the audience encourages refueling, and the children can develop independently, and even their parents can do their responsibilities.

Text/Reporter Zhang Yuemei


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