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Taxun travels in advance to drive Qingming tourism fever

Haixi Morning News · Zaker Xiamen reporter Chen Cuixian

In the Zhonglun Park, the purple Roland was fighting. The ten miles of peach forests of Xiang’an raced the blooming & hellip; & hellip; the spring tour was pleasant. When the spring tour is justified, and the upcoming Qingming holiday, all places usher in flowers and turmoil.

The popularity of flowers and green tourism rises

According to Ctrip data, since March, the average daily reservation volume of tickets for flower viewing areas has increased by nearly 50%year -on -year; orders for reservations for a day tour of the day -to -day tour of flowers have doubled.Xiamen is full of spring and flowers, and the goldfish grass of the mountains and sea health trails is blooming; the cherry blossoms of Daiping Mountain are colorful & hellip; & hellip; major parks and other outdoor farms are full of spring, attracting a large number of citizens tourists.

As the Qingming holiday approaches, citizens and tourists have also set their sights on the domestic flower viewing place.According to data from online travel platforms, since March, the popularity of tourism search in Jiangxi has risen by 92%, and the popularity of tourism search in Luoyang in Henan has risen by 87%.In addition, Wuxi in Jiangsu, Qingdao, Shandong, Wuhan in Hubei, and Anshun, Guizhou are more popular destinations.In terms of long -term domestic long line, it is also favored by consumers to enjoy the pear blossoms in Korla.

Many overseas flower viewing areas also ushered in many tourists. Judging from the ticket booking of the online platform, at this time, at this time, the cherry blossom season in Japan and South Korea, many niche cherry blossom destinations also book cherry blossom viewing hotels in advance.

According to Ctrip data, the order volume of Qingming Festival vacation products has increased by nearly 4 times year -on -year.Among them, tickets for scenic spots increased by 5 times year -on -year.On the whereabouts of where to go, from mid -March to the Qingming period, the proportion of relatives and tourists has increased significantly.

The price decreases significantly than the Spring Festival

In terms of price, the price of Qingming holidays has decreased significantly compared with the Spring Festival. Mudanjiang, Baishan, Jilin, Harbin and other urban hotel prices are reduced by more than 50 % compared with the Spring Festival.The price also dropped by about 40 %.

The reporter found that the price of the ticket from Xiamen to Wuhan during the Qingming holiday was less than 400 yuan recently. The lowest price of Xiamen to Zhengzhou only costs only 300 yuan, and the lowest price of Xiamen to Wuxi tickets does not exceed 700 yuan & hellip; & hellip;Essence

It is worth mentioning that Xiamen launched “transit + urban tourism” personalized tourism services for transit tourists, attracting many overseas tourists.The relevant person in charge of the Xiamen Cultural and Tourism Bureau said that Xiamen will strengthen cooperation with international tourism institutions, further expand the international tourism market, and let more people understand Xiamen and fall in love with Xiamen.


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