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Survey: Rich Hong Kong people intend to spend 870,000 tourism every year in high -end accommodation

The survey found that the budget of high assets of high assets spent more than 870,000 yuan in budgets. The picture shows Hong Kong Airport.(Zhongtong News Agency)

ScumHongkongA few days ago, a tourist survey of wealthy Hong Kong people in 2024 found that high assets of net worth Hong Kong peopleBudgetThe average annual spending more than 870,000 yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below, about 111,100 US dollars) travels. The average budget expenditure for long -distance and short -distance travel is 150,000 and 70,000 yuan.Visitors are more than 2 times.

According to the report, the survey showed that the respondents expected an average of more than 8 times this year, and the number of actual tourisms in the 7.7 actual tourism in 2023 by 7.7 times before the epidemic (2019) increased by 20%and 25%, respectively.In addition, the travel expenses of high -assets of high assets are mainly used to improve the tourism experience, such as high -end hotel accommodation or meal at the Michelin (Hong Kong translation of Michelian) star restaurants.

In terms of location, in Tokyo, Japan, the most popular people in Tokyo, Japan, followed by people, followed bySingapore, Bangkok and Taiwan.34%of the respondents prefer a family tourism, and 31%love to travel alone; the rest are 24%of couples and couple travel, 8%of friends travel with friends, and 3%of the travel with their parents.

The survey shows that of 95%of the respondents who earn miles, 64%said that through the daily consumption of credit cards and the number of bank products earned, only 31%earned through flight, the travel expenditure increased, and the number of rewards for the number of miles was naturally even more rewarding.high.

According to reports, in addition to knowing how to enjoy it, Hong Kong people also attach great importance to the experience before sailing.84%of the respondents believe that priority to check -in procedures and VIP waiting rooms are very important for the overall travel experience. 36%of them attach great importance to the VIP waiting room of the airline, which is slightly higher than the 35%of the fast security inspection and entry and exit inspections.Priority to boarding procedures and priority boarding account for 33%, airport pick -up accounts for 31%, luggage consignment and delivery services account for 28%.


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