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Strive to write a new chapter in the construction of education strong country to support the modernization of Chinese -style modernization

Huai Jinpeng, Secretary of the Party Group and Minister of the Ministry of Education
By 2035, the establishment of an educational power is an important decision -making arrangement made by the Party Central Committee.For the first time, the party’s 20th National Congress report made the strategic deployment of education, science and technology, and talents, and placed the establishment of an educational power in the primary position, giving education unprecedented mission responsibilities.General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered important speeches when presiding over the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the 20th Central Committee, and comprehensively and systematically explained major theories and practical issues such as “what kind of educational country and how to build an education power.”Mobilize horn.The education system will focus on promoting the biggest politics of Chinese -style modernization, keep in mind the entrustment, forge ahead, adhere to education from politics, grasp education from people’s livelihood, and run high -quality development as a lifestyle of various levels of education at all levels., Compile and implement the outline of the construction planning planning for education, and accelerate the modernization process of education.
In -depth study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important exposition on education, and finding a strategic positioning of the construction of education to strengthen the country
General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that building an educational power is a strategic pioneer to comprehensively build a socialist modern power. It is an important support for achieving high -level technology independence and self -reliance. It is an effective way to promote the common prosperity of all people.Basic project of great rejuvenation.This important conclusion clarifies the significance of education to China, and pointed out the direction of the efforts of the construction of education to strengthen the country.This requires that we cannot understand and promote education in isolation, simply, and inertia. Instead, we must set, plan, and build a strong country in the overall situation and the overall situation, so that we can make a difference and actions.
From the perspective of education and China, the ability and development level of education to a large extent determines the degree of modernization of China and the civilization of the Chinese nation.Education has become the key element of the country’s strategic contention and decision to rise and fall.We must consciously think about the attributes, status, and values of education from the strategy of the construction of a strong country and the great cause of national rejuvenation, and see the secrets and logic of the great achievements of education since the new era.Fulbilities; see the current changes in the current situation at home and abroad, and want to understand how education has become the strategic guidance and important support for the cause of the party and the state;Plan the ideas and measures to propose the construction of a strong education country, and promote the smooth break and start of the construction of the education of education.
Judging from the relationship between Chinese education and the world, my country has built the world’s largest education system. The overall level of education modernization has entered the ranks of the world’s middle and upper countries, and the construction of education strong countries has entered a key and important stage of breakthroughs and leaps.In the context of global development, it is not only a firm strategic self -confidence, but also see the gap between the times, the gap between development, and competition gaps, especially in order to ensure that global talents, technology, and market leaders are constantly innovating and in order to ensure thatprogress.We need to make up for shortcomings and forged long boards in the international new pattern to speed up the establishment of important education centers with strong influence.
From the perspective of the construction of the education system itself, there are still many gaps, shortcomings, and weaknesses in the construction of a strong country to build an educational country, and they still have a long way to go from the leap from the educational power to the power of education.It is imperative to promote the systematic reconstruction, overall reshaping, and mechanism reconstruction of the education system.It is necessary to take the party’s leadership and Lideshu’s ability system as the lead, with a high -quality and balanced compulsory education system, a effective secondary education system, and a effective higher education system as the backbone support., To expand the development space for the construction of a high -level open system and the construction of a learning society, and accelerate the construction of a high -quality education system.
Focusing on the biggest politics of promoting the modernization of Chinese -style modernization, and clarifying the strategic direction of the construction
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the educational power we want to build must be supported by supporting Chinese -style modernization as the core function.To build a strong country in education, we must not only follow the internal laws of education, but also jump out of education to see education. In the process of Chinese -style modernization, we must deeply grasp the relationship between education and politics, economy, society, science and technology, and national security.direction.
Grasp the political attributes of education firmly, more prominent education from the political perspective of national interests, and unswervingly cultivate socialist builders and successors.General Secretary Xi Jinping repeatedly emphasized that education is the plan of the country and the party.Education security is national security and political security.Lideshu people are the fundamental tasks of education. From the perspective of national interests, education should be used for education. A series of directional issues that systematically plan education and political security, adhere to the mission of educating people and educating the talents of the party, and establish an effective guarantee of Lide.Education and safety governance mechanism for the fundamental task of tree people.Guide schools in various places to implement the “six end -of -efficiency” requirements, cultivate newcomers in the era of heavier, and ensure that there are people in the party and the state.
Grasp the strategic attributes of education firmly, and highlight education from the great strategy of education and science and technology talents, and unswervingly serve the construction of socialist modern power.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the ability to comprehensively improve the high -quality development of education services.The development level of higher education determines the development level and development potential of a country, and is one of the core competitiveness of the country.At present, scientific and technological innovation has become a decisive factor affecting economic prosperity and national security, and naturally becomes an international high point.It is necessary to focus on the cultivation and development of new quality productive forces, gather all talent elements and science and education resources, run education acceleration and high quality, and help the country seize the opportunity.Create high -level universities into the main force of knowledge innovation and technological transfer, establish and improve the institutional mechanism of innovative talent training and high -level technology self -reliance and deep integration, form a mechanism for education, technology, and talent to form major tasks.Breaking through the high -quality development of disciplines. “
Grasp the attributes of the people’s livelihood in firmness, and more prominently focus on education from the people’s livelihood of economic and social development, and unswervingly promote the results of development.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to adhere to the people -centered education.At present, education development still has imbalances and inadequate problems in urban and rural, regional, schools, groups, etc.We must adhere to all aspects of promoting the fairness of education into the comprehensive reform of the field of education, adapt to the time requirements of the times of diversification of social development, diversified training methods, and multi -level talent structure, and create development conditions for students with different endowials and potential.Anchor the goal of equalization of basic public services in 2035, and more concerned about caring for left -behind children, children of poverty alleviation, children with dilemma, children with disabilities, etc., and more support the old revolutionary areas, ethnic areas, border areas, central and western regions, etc.The development of education, accelerate the construction of the government -led, covering urban and rural, and sustainable basic public education service system, hold, accurate, and firmly plant the livelihood, and plant the foundation of the people’s happiness with the power of education.
Focus on serving high -quality development of this new era, and planning the strategic layout of education and strengthening the country
General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the high -quality development of services should be used as an important task of building a strong education country.We must timely capture the “first signal” of high -quality development of high -quality development for talents and scientific and technological needs, embedded into the direction and content of educational supply -side structural reforms, and plan to form a strategic task layout of the construction of a strong education country.
Focus on the implementation of the Lide Tree Project.Persistence uses Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics to cast souls and educate people, and open a lesson “Introduction to the Introduction to Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era”.Promote the integration of ideology and education education in large, middle schools and the integration of ideological and political courses in large and middle schools, and coordinate the four teams of party members, teachers, ideological and political work, and students.Formation of “student communities and other elements, the overall construction of the political pattern and ecological ecology.Deepen the education of consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community, promote the full coverage of the national unified textbooks, and allow young people of all ethnic groups to master and use the country’s universal language.Taking physical and mental health as a breakthrough point to strengthen the five education, continue to promote students’ psychological health promotion actions, student physical fitness plans, aesthetic infiltration plans, labor habits development plans and scientific education promotion actions, and develop good quality education.In -depth implementation of the national youth students’ reading actions, and help students grow up with a strong atmosphere of “Book Fragrant Campus”.Promote high -quality employment of college graduates, and improve the comprehensive quality and employment ability of graduates.
Strengthen the role of higher education.Implement the pilot reform of comprehensive reform of higher education, consider the differences in talent training, scientific innovation diversity, inclusiveness and policy resource orientation of the evaluation mechanism, establish mechanisms and methods for classification settings, classification support, and classification evaluations in colleges and universities to promote the characteristics of college classification.Strengthen the role of “double first -class” construction of colleges and universities, improve discipline construction capabilities in the completion of major tasks, and create discipline benchmarks with international comparative advantages.Create a national high -level talent training center for mathematics and chemicals, and deploy the core courses, textbooks, teachers team and practical projects in basic disciplines.Ultra -conventional layout of various types of top -top innovative talents, build an urgent need for talent training area, promote the construction of the National Institute of Innovation of the National Excellence Engineer College and the Innovation Research Institute of the National Innovation.Talent.Focus on key core technologies, strengthen organizational scientific research in related fields, cultivate major projects, and accelerate the achievement of cutting -edge basic theoretical research and technological source innovation.At the beginning of the academic career of youth science and technology talents in colleges and universities, it began a long period of time, high strength, and stable support, so that young talents are willing to sit on cold benches and dare to break through unmanned areas, producing important original and disruptive results.Promote the integration of the “four chains” with technology transfer, and build a number of national, regional technology transfer centers, and high -level research institutes according to local conditions to help regional development.Serving the country’s governance of the country, promoting the high -quality development of philosophy and social sciences in universities, producing a number of original iconic results of originality, and helping the construction of Chinese philosophy and social science independent knowledge system.
Further consolidate basic education base points.Deepen basic education to expand and improve quality and improve quality, and consolidate the strategic base point that comprehensively improves national quality.Study and analyze the impact of changes in the school -age population on education, establish a monitoring and report mechanism for changes in school -age population in the county’s basic education, strengthen the forward -looking layout of educational resources, and build an effective mechanism to adapt to educational resources according to the actual service population scale.Promote the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education and the integration of urban and rural areas, improve preschool education, special education public service networks, expand ordinary high -quality high -quality resources, and promote diversified development.Through a high starting point, a new batch, high -quality schools expand a batch, group running schools to improve a batch, urban and rural pairing assistance, expand the supply of high -quality degrees, so that more children can get good schools at their doorsteps.Exploring effective ways to integrate generally provides more channels for students’ development.Deepen the reform of teaching materials, teachers, and teaching, strengthen the role of classroom main positions, and consolidate the foundation of student knowledge.Consolidate and deepen the achievements of “double reduction”, do a good job of scientific education plus law, sow scientific seeds, and stimulate students’ curiosity, imagination, and desire.
Enhance vocational education adaptability and attractiveness.Steadyly promote the reform of the construction of a modern vocational education system in the provincial region, and implement the main responsibility of local governments.Promote the pilot, demonstration and standard construction of the municipal production and education consortium, industry and education integration community, play the role of the first batch of pilot visitors and leaders, gradually expand the scope of the pilot, and enhance the degree of matching with economic and social development.Accelerate the construction of a modern vocational education system for all people and running through the full life cycle, promote school -enterprise coordinated adults, promote the apprenticeship and on -site engineers with Chinese characteristics, and cultivate a large number of large artisans and capable craftsmen.Optimize professional settings, curriculum systems and teaching content, develop high -quality textbooks for integration of production and education, strengthen the construction of the “dual -teacher” teacher team, improve training programs, improve key schooling capabilities, and promote high -efficiency and high levels of school quality.
Strengthen the construction of high -quality professional teachers.On the eve of Teacher’s Day in 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote to the national outstanding teacher representatives, and for the first time, he proposed the spirit of Chinese educators, giving people a lofty mission.In 2024, the 40th Teacher’s Day will be ushered in. Taking the opportunity to prepare for the first National Teacher Conference, through the methods of propaganda mobilization, extensive investigation, solicitation opinions, etc., we will study and propose major policy direction and specific measures for the construction of the teacher team.To solve how the educator’s spirit is promoted, how the teacher training path expands, how to improve the ability of teachers, how to strengthen the status treatment of teachers, and how to strengthen the construction of teachers and morality.Effective results.Expand the new ideas of training training training, broaden the “National Excellent Program” channels, and organize more high -level comprehensive colleges and universities, and graduate teachers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) capabilities and scientific vision.In the precise training, we work hard to improve the ability to improve the ability of primary and secondary schools (secretary), improve the “national training plan”, and improve the ability of school management and teaching and educating people.Promote the reform of the system of teacher resources allocation and management service system, reduce the burden of teachers, and provide a good environment for teachers to teach and educate people with peace of mind.
To make good use of the key trick of reform and opening up, stimulate the powerful strategic motivation of the construction of education to strengthen the country
General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that from the great education power to the power of education is a systematic jumper and qualitative change, and we must take reform and innovation as the motivation.It is necessary to break the limit of thinking, break the path dependence, plan to implement more forward -looking layouts and super routine measures, and promote the transformation of the education system from decentralized system and comprehensive integration. Education organizations have changed from relatively closed, relatively open, and diverse changes.The development of education has changed from unconsciously to the self -confidence and self -confidence and self -confidence and self -confidence. Educational activities have changed from organized school education to more flexible and broad self -learning and lifelong learning changes, and comprehensively improve the modernization level of education governance systems and governance capabilities.
Promote the deep systematic reform of education.Seize the reform of educational evaluation and reform, promote schools in various places to establish a correct view of education and political performance, and focus on solving the phenomenon of “scores”, “only school”, “argument” and blindly pursuing the ranking of colleges and universities.Continue to deepen the reform of the examination and enrollment system, and build the test content system that guide students’ comprehensive development of morality, body, wisdom, and labor.Deepen the reform of science and technology and talent evaluation of universities, and establish a mechanism for identifying the iconic results.Improve the adaptation mechanism of talent and economic and social development, and strengthen the analysis of talent demand and accurate docking in the fields of the industry.Strengthen the governance of schools according to the law of law, and optimize the development of education and the development of ecology.
Continuously open up a new track of education.General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the digitalization of education is an important breakthrough in my country’s new track and the new advantage of shaping the development of education.This year is the third year of the National Education Digital Strategy Action. We will go from the “3I” of “Connection, Content, Cooperation), which are first, content, and cooperation.(Integrated, Intelligent, Internal).Adhere to the application of the integrated path of Wang walking, improve policies such as collection, evaluation, application and organization, and continuously enrich the national smart education platform and data center; use intelligent empowerment education governance, build a data governance platform, algorithm empowerment platform, calculation, calculations Practice the platform to promote the efficient handling of “one thing for education enrollment”; expand the new space of internationalization, and further announce the effectiveness, experience and concepts of digital education in my country.
Firmly promote the opening of high -level education.Improve the strategy of opening up education to the outside world, and effectively use world -class educational resources and innovative elements.Implement 50,000 young American young students to come to China to exchange and learn.Strengthen the exchange and cooperation with the “Belt and Road” national education, promote the “go to the sea with the company” in vocational colleges, encourage the society to participate diversified, and innovate “Chinese+vocational skills” and other methods to continue to organize projects such as the Luban Workshop.Support the construction of the Shanghai STEM Education Institute to build a multilateral organization education platform.Find the entry into the global education governance, participate in the formulation and implementation of relevant international rules, and continuously improve the international influence, competitiveness and discourse rights of Chinese education.
Build an educational power, the mission is glorious, and the future is expected.The education system will adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s socialist thought in the new era, deeply understand the decisive significance of “two establishment”, strengthen the “four consciousness”, strengthen the “four self -confidences”, achieve “two maintenance”, work hardBe the ideal and responsible action doctrine, speed up the construction of a high -quality education system, do a good job in education that the people are satisfied with, and cultivate socialist builders and successors who have developed the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical and labor, and comprehensively promote the power of a strong country with Chinese -style modernization.Construction and the great cause of national rejuvenation have made new and greater contributions.


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