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South Africa’s missed chances in World Cup semi-final

South Africa will rue the missed chances in their 2023 Cricket World Cup semi-final against Australia, particularly Quinton de Kock’s missed catch off Pat Cummins. The incident drew comparisons with the infamous fall of Herschelle Gibbs between the two teams in the 1999 World Cup semi-final.

Australia’s bowling was at its best in the match, limiting South Africa to a total of 212 runs. This was strikingly similar to the 1999 semi-final when Australia advanced to the final with a target of 213.

The low scores in both matches underlined the tense rivalry between these two cricketing giants. Twenty-four years later, South Africa are still struggling to score more than 213 runs in their World Cup semi-final against Australia, says one commentator.

South African star Herschelle Gibbs even admitted as much, tweeting, “213 runs, Australia win …… The shoe is on the other foot …… You couldn’t have written a better script.”

South Africa’s missed chances in World Cup semi-final

Even more surprising was the fact that de Kock’s catch and fumble against Cummins was the same as Gibbs’ catch and fumble against Australian captain Steve Waugh in 1999. Both misses came at crucial moments in low-scoring matches to provide Australia with momentum.

Cummins’ partnership with Mitchell Starc led Australia to victory, with the pair unbeaten in 22 matches. Starc has scored 16 of his 38 goals, while Cummins is undefeated with 14 of his 29 goals.

This marks the third time in recent months that Cummins has played a key role in a closely contested Australian team. He teamed up with Nathan Lyon to score the first Ashes Test win after trailing by eight wickets to three and played a key role in the double century against Afghanistan’s Glenn Maxwell earlier in the World Cup.

Looking ahead to the final against New Zealand, Starc said, “It’s definitely going to be a big moment to have the World Cup final in India. The venue will definitely be very noisy. No doubt it will be a great game of cricket. …… There will be a lot of passion there. Of course, everyone in our dressing room is looking forward to it.

“I don’t think dressing rooms are new to big games. You want to play against the best teams and that’s why we are in the tournament. So far they’ve been the best teams and we’ve all made it to the final. That’s what the World Cup is all about.


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