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Senior executives talk about consumer protection 丨 Bao Jianjun: promote the high -quality development of Shenzhen’s financial industry consumer protection work

Recently, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center took the opportunity of “March 15 Financial Consumers’ Rights Protection Education and Propaganda” as an opportunity.Silver -haired elderly people and young groups, online and offline go hand in hand, and fully launched a series of activities in 2024 “March 15 Financial Consumers’ Rights Protection Education and Propaganda”.

During the “3.15” period, Bao Jianjun, Assistant Assistant to Ping An Bank Credit Card Center, also walked into the Shenzhen Commercial Daily’s “Senior Management of Consumer Consumption” column to share with the general public for many years of consumer experience and experience. In order to further maintain financial consumersLegal rights and interests, enhance consumer financial literacy and financial security awareness, create a positive and good financial consumption environment to contribute “financial power”, at the same time popularize financial knowledge to more public, convey the responsibility of financial institutionsIncorporate the life of financial consumers and provide more “temperature” consumer protection services.

Build two settlement processes management system executives to talk about consumer protection deeply popular people’s hearts

“For a long time, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center is centered on the people and attaches great importance to the protection of consumer rights. Therefore, we have set up the two goals of” doing a good job in customer service and integrating business management ‘, and we have set up two consumer protection protection processes management systems.With the comprehensive protection of the eight major rights and interests of customers and enhance the financial consumption experience. “Bao Jianjun, assistant to Ping An Bank Credit Card Center, said.

Institutional construction is an important guarantee for the implementation of heart -warming protection services.According to Bao Jianjun, relying on technological advantages, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center at the same time creates a digital intelligent consumer protection review platform to “first level” of financial consumption on the embedded review process of the business system;Realize the online and standardization of consumer protection inspection, ensure the intelligent circulation of the task, and the real -time implementation of the inspection process, easy operation, and evaluation; build a consumer protection supervision platform, and realize integrated closed -loop management through automatic identification and push.

Depending on the systematic consumer protection management, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center has provided long -term guarantee for the development of the legitimate rights and interests of customers for many years.

It is worth noting that the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center attaches not only “from one to the end” for consumers and the legitimate rights and interests of financial consumers.It is understood that in the daily insurance work, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center will take the lead in grasping consumer protection and speaking of consumer protection.”Precise education for accurate education for different business scenarios and potential risk points. For customers’ demands, automatically supervise, efficiently meet customer demands, and do customer service.”

At the same time, in order to make the concept of consumer protection more popular, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center also embeds the concept of consumer protection in the bank’s entire process of operation, forming a financial consumer work atmosphere of “everyone’s participation and everyone’s responsibility”.

Create the “3+1+N” consumer protection education publicity matrix innovation method to make consumers “love to see”

In order to better popularize financial knowledge to the public, enhance consumers’ financial literacy and financial security awareness, and to better surround the three types of education and propaganda activities around centralized, normal, and innovative,The “3+1+N” educational promotion matrix of the official website, WeChat side, Ping An Pocket App+National Branch+official Weibo, Douyin, Video Board and other social platforms are covered., Easy to get.

The Ping An Bank Credit Card Center has continuously innovated the form of insurance activities to conduct financial science popularization in the way of the majority of young groups, so that the majority of financial consumers are “well -watched.”

For example, on March 15, under the guidance of the Shenzhen Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Finance and Administration, the Shenzhen Banking Association, Shenzhen Foreign Financial Institution Association, Shenzhen Insurance Association, Shenzhen Banking Industry Consumer Rights Promotion Association and ShenzhenThe Municipal Insurance Consumer Rights Service Center jointly sponsored, and the 10th issue of the “Financial Anti -Fraud New Age” live broadcast was held by the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center.

The anti -fraud activity innovation and enlightenment interactive gameplay, created the industry’s script killing live model, combined consumer rights protection with the current popular entertainment form -script killing, launched a live broadcast with the theme of “financial anti -fraud script killing”Through the interpretation of real -life interaction, the majority of financial consumers can better understand the knowledge of consumers, further strengthen consumer rights protection awareness, improve the ability to identify and prevent risks, effectively help consumers understand risks, and increase their vigilance.

In addition, the Ping An Credit Card Center also actively carried out online and offline three -dimensional consumer protection education and publicity to enhance financial consumers’ financial literacy; continuously promotes positioning and digital financial knowledge promotion through various channels to help consumers know finance.Be a understanding person.

Carry out various “customized” publicity and education activities for different customer bases

With the diversified development of the financial market, the problems occurred during the consumption process are increasing.Bao Jianjun said that for the characteristics and needs of different customer bases, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center has been actively carrying out various “customized” education and propaganda activities for many years.

For example, for the new citizen group, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center selects interesting and popularized financial knowledge.Special invitation to share official financial knowledge sharing officials, focus on hot topics such as financial financial management consumption, easily share the correct knowledge concepts, guide everyone to invest rationally, protect their rights in accordance with the law, and cherish personal credit value.This is not only a transmission of knowledge, but also an in -depth interpretation of consumer rights.

The Ping An Bank Credit Card Center is even more consumer, the knowledge of the rights and interests of financial consumers, and launching the “case of risk” fun story education column, which can effectively help financial consumers to enhance their own risk prevention and sense of responsibility, suppress blind investment impulse and excessive consumption consumption, Stay away from illegal financial activities.

For college students, Ping An Bank Credit Card Center launched a “guardian campus, youth and no fraud” activity.Under the guidance of multiple departments such as the Protection of Consumer Rights Protection of the Bank of Shenzhen, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center and Shenzhen Radio and Television Group Financial Life Channel jointly held the “3.15 financial consumer protection campus” on the Shenzhen University Park on March 15th.Activities are designed to popularize financial knowledge to college students, help students enhance their ability to protect themselves, and build a solid financial defense line for youth.

For the elderly group of the community, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center organized a “honest declaration” activity.According to Bao Jianjun, the activity provides consumers with financial knowledge services from a professional perspective through expert interaction and consumer rights protection knowledge consultation.At the same time, guide the healthy and orderly development of the financial industry and enhance the happiness of financial consumers.

From the construction management system of two settlement protection processes to the creation of “3+1+N” consumer protection education promotion matrix to targeting different customer bases, various types of “customized” publicity and education activities … Ping An Bank Credit Card Center has been trulyAs the starting point and end point of consumer protection work, the concept of “finance is the people” is implemented to the end, and the high -quality development of consumer protection work has been continuously promoted.

“In the future, the Ping An Bank Credit Card Center will effectively fulfill the responsibility of the main body of the right to protect the rights and interests of financial consumers, continuously promote the refinement of the consumer protection work, and create a fair, fair, honest and orderly financial environment.The people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security, promoting the high -quality development of Shenzhen’s financial industry. “Bao Jianjun said.


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