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Qatar’s Gold Rush: 30 Titles in 11 Years, €45M Farewell to Europe at 30

On September 14, 2023, Qatari team Doha Arabs FC officially announced the signing of Italian midfielder Verratti from Paris Saint-Germain for a transfer fee of 45 million euros, and the 30-year-old Italian international officially joined the club, and the two sides succeeded in signing a three-year contract.

Verratti’s transfer can be said to be a surprise in Italian soccer. He was once regarded as the future of the Italian midfield, but after having a place in the national team, he has never played in the Serie A league. Now, he has chosen to leave European soccer at the saddening age of 30 to go to Qatar to seek gold.

Verratti was born in 1992, 11-12 season, he and Inmobili and Insigne together with the Serie B team Pescara played a wonderful performance, to help the team won the championship of Serie B. In July 2012, Paris Saint-Germain signed Verratti with a transfer fee of 12 million euros, and he began his 11-year career in France.

At Paris Saint-Germain, Verratti played 416 matches in all competitions, scored 11 goals and 61 assists, and won a total of 30 titles, including 9 Ligue 1 titles. He was the centerpiece of the team’s midfield and helped the team remain dominant in Ligue 1.

However, Verratti’s final season at Paris Saint-Germain did not go well. Due to injuries and tactical reasons, his playing time was reduced, which affected the team’s performance.In the 2022-23 season, Paris Saint-Germain finished in the last 16 of the Champions League, and the Ligue 1 was won by Monaco.

Qatar’s Gold Rush: 30 Titles in 11 Years, €45M Farewell to Europe at 30

The transfer of Verratti also reflects the change of strategy of Paris Saint-Germain in the transfer market. After Enrique’s arrival, Paris Saint-Germain began to emphasize the development of young players, and Verratti is already 30 years old and does not meet the team’s future development plan.

For Verratti, the transfer also means he will miss out on the opportunity to play in Serie A. He has repeatedly expressed his desire to play in Serie A, but has been unable to do so due to Paris Saint-Germain’s obstruction.

Now, Verratti’s choice to head to Qatar to strike gold can be considered a major disappointment in Italian football. He is an excellent midfielder with great technique and leadership. If he can play in Serie A, I believe he will achieve more.

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