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"Point -to -point" guidance, Shanghai experts help Yunyan education "expand optimal quality"

On April 18, the party branch secretary and principal of the Shangyang Foreign Language School of Shanghai Foreign Language and Foreign Languages University, Xi Lu and his group of 4 people went to the 23rd Middle School of Guiyang City and Guiyang Yueying Primary School to carry out the first admission activity.
Zhang Li, deputy secretary of the Education Working Committee of the Yunyan District Party Committee and a member of the Party Committee of the District Education Bureau, welcomed Shanghai experts and his party. He said that the basic education of Shanghai is at the forefront of the country and provides a model for Yunyan.The support and love and love of Yunyan in the foreign language school, and the hard work of sending the scriptures and sending treasures. We will cherish it. Under the guidance of all experts, we will update the concepts and innovation methods to effectively improve the management level and teaching quality of the school.
During the event, the two sides held a meeting with the pairing unveiling ceremony. At the moral education and teaching exchange symposium, Shanghai experts and his party and his party diagnosed the school’s moral education and teaching work.Put forward valuable suggestions, and give careful guidance to how front -line teachers do subject research.At the same time, Xi Lu wrote a lecture on the pairing of the school’s administrative management team entitled “Delivery and Delown to the School”.
Wei Gongli, a member of the Party Committee of the Education Bureau of Yunyan District and director of the District Recruitment Center, said that the guidance of the “point -to -point” of Yunyan School of Shangyang Foreign Language School of Shanghai Foreign Studies University will better help the Yunyan education “expand and improve quality”.Yunyan District’s pairing schools will concentrate resources and energy to run, clarify the thinking and method systems, and strive to create good results in three years, become new high -quality schools, and contribute to the high -quality and balanced development of compulsory education.
It is reported that in November 2023, with the care and support of the Shanghai New High -quality School Research Institute in Shanghai, 10 Shanghai -level new high -quality school projects including Shangyang Foreign Language School of Shanghai Foreign Studies University and 11 new high -quality project schools in Yunyan District signed a pair.Agreement, coordinated development.Since the pairing, each pairing school has carried out more than 20 activities such as admission guidance, follow -up training, teaching seminars and other activities through online and offline methods.
Correspondent Nie Qizhong
Guizhou Daily Tianyan Journalist Pan Guohu
Edit Luo Huan
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