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"People’s Scientist" Ye Peijian: I am from the people and continue to serve the people

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, October 5th (Zhao Zhuqing) “This is what the people give me, I am a member of the people, and I will continue to serve the people better.” Ye Peijian learned that he was awarded the “people’s scientist” national honorAfter the title, I talked to reporters about their “three understanding” of this title.

On the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the Supreme Leader of the President of the President signed the chairman’s order to award the 42 National Medal and the title of national honor.Among them, the five of Ye Peijian, Wu Wenjun, Nan Rendong, Gu Fangzhou, and Cheng Kaijia won the title of “People’s Scientist”.

“This title is very lofty, the number of people is very small, and many people have died. I want to be worthy of this title.” Ye Peijian said, “Unfortunately, the five ‘People’s Scientists’, and the other four have died, soI have to do more for them. ”

Aerospace power is about to fulfill dreams

“I am 74 this year, my body is okay, and there are many things to do.” When all the astronauts “sprinted” to the aerospace power, Ye Peijian was full of confidence.

As a technical consultant and researcher at the China Institute of Space Technology, “Aerospace veteran” Ye Peijian still fought on the front line of space.Whether it is Chang’e -5, Mars detection in front of me, or the planned Chang’e 6, No. 7 … in his planning, even more distant moon bases and asteroid detection, he already has preliminary ideasEssence

Ye Peijian has been engaged in spatial technology research for more than 50 years, and has achieved remarkable achievements in spatial technology, space science, and space application: he is the first generation of transmission -based transmission -to -site observation satellite chief designer and commander, my country’s first lunar probe Chang’e -1 chief designer and chief commander, the first month of our country’s soft landing unmanned detector, the chief scientist of Chang’e -3 detector system, the chief commander and chief consultant of Chang’e -2, Chang’e -5 test device Essence

“A country must be strong, and must be strong in all aspects.” Ye Peijian, who once participated in the aerospace power demonstration, believes that aerospace is the comprehensive of a national technology. The development of aerospace requires the development of various technologies.Essence

At present, my country is already a big space country and is moving towards the aerospace power.Ye Peijian revealed that around 2020, with the implementation of a series of aerospace projects such as Mars Detective, Chang’e 5 sample return, and space station construction, “my country will officially enter the ranks of aerospace power.”

Look at the space, the vision should be put in the long run

In the process of building a aerospace power, the development of aerospace technology, the spread of aerospace spirit, and the cultivation of aerospace talents will undoubtedly play a “traction” role in the development of the country.

But in Ye Peijian’s view, the meaning of aerospace is far more than that.He said, first of all, humans need to explore the problems of the universe and the origin of the earth. It is not possible not to go out.”There are still a lot of resources in space, whether it is the moon or the asteroid. Today, it feels difficult to mine, but after more than 100 years, 200 years? This time is just a short moment in the historical long river.”

“China has eaten a lot of suffering around the rights and interests of the ocean.” Ye Peijian said that if the universe is regarded as the ocean, in some places, we may not go in the future.”If we can go today, future generations will encounter the same problems today in space equity.”

“So in the long run, aerospace has great practical significance.” Ye Peijian said.

The aerospace is almost successful, and it fails to almost fail.

After working in the sky, Ye Peijian walked down, but it was not smooth sailing.According to his memories, the biggest setback he had encountered was the one after the “Resource No. 2” satellite in 2002 lost contact.

It was the first satellite developed by him.After the satellite was successfully launched, he received the news that he did not follow the instructions after he returned to the time after completing the task.

“At that time, I was sitting in the car. The first reaction was to hope that the car fell from the mountain, so I was relieved.” Ye Peijian said with emotion.However, a little sober, as the chief and commander, in such an emergency, the burden of the sky must be carried.

After calming down, after calming down, Ye Peijian led the team to investigate the fault one by one. It turned out that the ground was wrong.

“You know where the wrong is, and you can get the right medicine.” Grasp the last rescue opportunity. When the satellite passed the satellite the next day, they sent the new instructions up and the satellite returned to normal.This “destiny” satellite has only two years of design life. As a result, it has worked stubbornly for 5 years, and also realized the “Samsung Network” outside of expected.

Strategic thinking, grasp higher -level things

When talking about the reasons behind the achievements, Ye Peijian said that the aerospace spirit he understood is a complex that includes the spirit of seeing patriotism, positive, team spirit, and dedication spirit that starts from small things.The quality of a spaceman should have.

“Personally, it is a part of the team.” In personal, Ye Peijian summarized himself: the first is more persistent and confident.”The plan is done well. If there is no problem after repeated scrutiny, I believe it. I wo n’t be suspicious of myself.”

The second is more self -discipline.For yourself, the burden of the choice provokes without hesitation, and at the same time, the requirements for others are strict.In the mission, “as the chief teacher, you need to grasp higher -level things; specific things, you know you better than me, I believe you.”

Aerospace must be innovative, and it must be down -to -earth

To build a aerospace power, we must rely on innovation.”Don’t innovate, how can you go to the forefront? But innovation must be down -to -earth.” Ye Peijian said.

However, aerospace is a high -risk career. The concept of “playing one by one, to maintain success” has always been ingrained.In this regard, Ye Peijian also acknowledged, “This will affect innovation.”

Therefore, how to deal with the relationship between the relationship between “successful” and “promoting innovation” has become a question of serious thinking of Ye Peijian.In the end, he summarized his own point of view: the application -oriented satellite must spend the main energy to maintain success; and the exploration -type satellite should give more innovative space.

He took Chang’e’s several experiences for several examples: “Chang’e No. 1 is ‘inheritance+innovation’, and innovation is the main. It can achieve more than 60 independent innovation and reach the advanced level of the moon around the moon because of innovation.”In addition, Chang’e -2 and Chang’e IV, as a backup star,” Especially Chang’e -4, as the backup of Chang’e 3, some comrades proposed to fall on the front of the moon, and it is very insistess to fall to the back of the moon.Because this is an exploration. ”

“Academician of Condition” enthusiastic science

Now Ye Peijian, despite his busy work, he still actively participates in popular science activities across the country to sow the seeds of aerospace for the future of the motherland.Because the topic of aerospace has attracted much attention, and his explanation has a lot of vivid stories, which has been welcomed by the audience. The scene is often full of seats, and even the corridor is full of people., Demonstrate high -understanding aerospace technology.

When asked about what he had for the younger generation in a timely manner, he showed reporters the student who received the student just received the day before, thinking that “this is the best answer.”


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