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Nike Dunk x Fragment x CLOT “20th Anniv.” Sneakers

The perfect gift for any sneakerhead

The fake shoe Nike Dunk Low x Fragment Design x CLOT “20th Anniversary” is a must-have for any sneakerhead. This limited-edition collaboration celebrates two decades of streetwear excellence from CLOT, the Hong Kong-based brand founded by Edison Chen.

The shoe features a white silk upper with a tearaway design, revealing a black silk lining. CLOT’s iconic Silk Royale pattern adorns the upper of the shoe, with a black midsole and outsole finishing off the design.

A limited-edition collaboration that’s sure to turn heads

The fake shoe Nike Dunk Low x Fragment Design x CLOT “20th Anniversary” is a truly special shoe. The combination of materials and design elements is simply stunning. The silk upper is both luxurious and understated, while the Silk Royale pattern adds a touch of personality.

Nike Dunk x Fragment x CLOT “20th Anniv.” Sneakers

The highly limited-edition nature of the fake shoe Nike Dunk enhances its desirability. Moreover, the worldwide release limited the availability to only 1,000 pairs. Consequently, if you’re fortunate enough to find a pair, make sure you grab them before they disappear.

The exclusivity of the counterfeit Nike Dunk, being a highly limited edition, significantly amplifies its allure among sneaker enthusiasts. With a global release restricted to a mere 1,000 pairs, the scarcity factor intensifies the hunt for these faux sneakers. Securing a pair becomes a stroke of luck, and if one does chance upon them, swift action is imperative before they vanish from the market. The combination of their fake status, unique design, and constrained availability adds an extra layer of intrigue, making them a coveted and sought-after item for those who appreciate the fusion of style and scarcity in the world of fashion.

A luxurious and understated shoe that’s perfect for any occasion

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