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“NHL 2023: Winnipeg Jets Under Pressure in Hot Seat Radar”

Coming off the 2023 NHL offseason, the month-long Hot Seat series capped off the Winnipeg Jets’ season. During this time, in-depth analysis was conducted on the different types of pressures placed on NHL players, coaches, general managers and team owners.

In alphabetical order, we identified the following three key players: one is under intense pressure to excel in the new season to avoid being replaced; the second is relatively stable but may face negative results in the new season; and the third is relatively solid and is expected to remain in his position for a long time. Sometimes we focus on four or five figures because they are closely linked in multiple categories.

“NHL 2023: Winnipeg Jets Under Pressure in Hot Seat Radar”

In the case of the Winnipeg Jets:

Hot seat figures: team owner Mark Chipman and general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff. The team performed well early last season, however hit a low point in the second half of the season, barely earning a playoff wildcard berth but losing to Vegas in the playoffs. The team’s veteran players and loyal fans have expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s performance and have questioned whether Cheveldayoff needs to embark on a rebuild.

Hot seats: center Mark Scheifele and goalie Connor Hellebuyck. They are heading into the final year of their contracts with no clear signs of contract extensions, which has sparked speculation that they could leave the team. The team may need to consider whether to trade them before the trade deadline.

Cold bench: Defenseman Josh Morris. He had a great season last season, has years left on his contract, and is seen as part of the team’s plan for future success.

Overall, the Winnipeg Jets face significant challenges in the upcoming season and will need to excel in all areas to meet expectations both inside and outside the team.


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