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National Health and Health Commission: Further deepen the treatment of occupational disease hazards better to better protect the health rights and interests of workers

China Net Finance April 25 (Reporter Duan Siqi) On April 25, the National Health and Health Commission held a press conference on “promoting the high -quality development of health and health undertakings and protecting the lives of the people.”Wang Jiandong, deputy director of the Vocational and Health Department of the National Health and Health Commission and a first -level inspector, said that since 2019, the National Health Commission has established and improved the national occupational disease and hazard factors monitoring and occupational disease reporting system.
Monitoring diseases have been extended from 10 occupational diseases to all occupational diseases, with 132 categories of ten categories.The key occupational disease monitoring is extended to the county (district), and the monitoring of the disease and scope has expanded to all occupational health inspection types such as the whole factors and before, during the post, the time of departure, and emergency health inspection.In 560 key counties (districts), the monitoring of occupational disease hazards in small and medium -sized enterprises workplace has basically mastered the health status of occupational disease hazards in key industries in my country and the health status of occupational diseases such as dust, chemical poisons, and noise.This is also the first time since the founding of New China.
The occupational disease report system covers 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang production and construction corps in the country, involving more than 2,000 counties (districts).From the results of the monitoring:
First, there were 307,000 employers in key industries across the country, and more than 53 million were monitored to contact the occupational health inspection of occupational diseases to harm the occupational health inspection, of which more than 24 million were in contact with various occupational diseases.There are more than 1.815 million jobs in the presence of occupational disease hazards, that is, by monitoring the situation of the hazard of occupational diseases and occupational health examinations, it provides a basis for the prevention and control of occupational disease hazards, strengthening and deepening the treatment of occupational diseases.Essence
Second, more than 70 million cases of occupational health inspections reported in the country, 76,700 cases were found to be suspected of occupational diseases, and 1.156 million cases of occupational taboos were found.Here I will introduce a little bit, what is suspected occupational disease and what is occupational taboos.Suspicious occupational diseases mainly refer to some symptoms and symptoms in clinical health examinations through occupational health examinations. They are suspected to be occupational diseases, but there is no diagnosis, or the attribution diagnosis of occupational diseases is a temporary suspected occupational disease. In this caseIt is necessary to further adopt the diagnosis of occupational diseases and further diagnosis and further clinical diagnosis to determine whether the workers suffer from occupational diseases.If you are diagnosed with occupational diseases, the employer or work injury insurance must be compensated to the workers.Another is occupational taboos. This evidence is evidence, which means that when workers are exposed to specific professional disease hazards, such as contact with dust or chemical poisons, it is more likely to suffer from occupational diseases than ordinary professional groups, or he has a kind of one.Basic diseases, such as active tuberculosis, have occupational taboos for jobs that are harmful to dust, so he cannot engage in this profession. If he is engaged in this profession, the risk of pneumoconiosis will be greater.Therefore, we found that after these suspected occupational diseases and occupational taboos, we can take a timely diagnosis or adjust the job to better protect the occupational health of workers.Therefore, monitoring and played a timely discovery of workers who suspected occupational diseases and more than one million occupational taboos can take measures in time to protect the health of workers.
The third is to fully grasp the risk and development trend of occupational diseases.Monitoring found that the trend of the concentration of occupational disease hazards industry is relatively obvious, and occupational disease hazards are mainly distributed in the mining, manufacturing, metallurgy, building materials and other industries.The second occupational disease hazards are widely distributed. In 2020, the National Health and Health Commission organized a survey of the current status of occupational disease hazards in industrial enterprises. The results showed that 40%of industrial enterprises in contact with various occupational disease hazards.Just now the reporter asked what was ranked in the first few, the first place was noise, the second was dust, and the third was chemical poison.Harm of occupational diseases.
Wang Jiandong said that according to the results of the monitoring, the next step we will further improve the regulations, standards, policies and measures of occupational disease prevention, further deepen the treatment of occupational disease hazards, and better protect the health rights of workers.


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