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McLaren culture helped Piastri grow quickly in his rookie season

Australia’s Oscar Piastri has had a strong rookie season in Formula 1, and he attributes his success to the culture at McLaren.

Piastri joined McLaren in 2022, joining Lando Norris in the young driver line-up. He quickly proved his mettle with some impressive results in the first half of the season, including a pole position in the Canadian Grand Prix.

In the second half of the season, Piastri was even more unstoppable, scoring two podiums at the Austrian Grand Prix and Silverstone. He also finished sixth at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, the best result of his career.

At the end of the season, Piastri extended his contract with McLaren until the end of 2026, demonstrating his confidence in the team’s future.

McLaren culture helped Piastri grow quickly in his rookie season

In an interview with Speedcafe, Piastri said that the culture at McLaren has been instrumental in his rapid growth.

“From the moment I joined the team,” said Piastri, “I felt that there was a great culture here that was very welcoming.” Even in tough times, everyone remains very positive about trying to improve things.

“It’s great to see that everyone has the confidence to turn things around. When we first upgraded the car in Austria and at Silverstone, there were a few question marks over whether it would give us the gains we were hoping for, and it did.

“Since then, the team has been confident that we can continue to improve.

“As I said when I first joined the team, I think we’re ready to compete at the front. We just need the tools on the car to do it.

“We’ve been impressive all over the place and that’s helped my development. It’s been very, very helpful.


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