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‘Marvel’: a bland sequel that fails to live up to expectations

More than four years after its release, “Captain Marvel” fails to live up to expectations, failing to deliver the thrilling action and engaging characters that have made the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” so popular.

The movie’s biggest weakness is the villainous Daben (Zawe Ashton), who lacks the depth and menace of previous Marvel villains. Daben’s motivations are simple, and her superpowers fail to pose a truly powerful threat to Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) and her allies.

The movie’s narrative also lacks focus as it jumps back and forth between the perspectives of the three main characters. This makes it difficult for viewers to empathize with any of the characters on a deeper level.

‘Marvel’: a bland sequel that fails to live up to expectations

Despite its flaws, Ms. Marvel does have humor and charm, thanks in large part to Iman Vilani’s portrayal of Ms. Marvel. Vilani’s infectious enthusiasm and fans’ genuine reactions to her old heroes add a much-needed lighthearted vibe to the movie.

However, these moments are not enough to overcome the overall blandness of the movie. Compared to previous Marvel movies, “Marvel” feels like a step backward in that it fails to deliver the kind of excitement and spectacle that audiences have come to expect from a Marvel movie.

Ultimately, Marvel is a forgotten entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie is more likely to be loved by hardcore fans than casual viewers.


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