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Leading New Development | Foreign Research Online Help Donggang Education Group Foreign Language Smart Education Practice Base Project Promotion Conference is successfully held

On the morning of April 11, 2024, the “Smart Language Smart Education Practice Base Promotion Conference and the Second Batch of Smart Teaching Equipment Donation Ceremony” was successfully held in Dalian.The meeting was co -organized by Beijing Foreign Research Online Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Foreign Research Online”) with Dalian Education Bureau, Dalian Education College, Zhongshan Education Bureau, and Zhongshan District Teachers’ Training School. It aims to deeply explore the wisdom of primary and secondary schools in the country in depthThe practical base is better to land in Dalian City and advance the advancement path, summarize the construction experience in a timely manner, help the base form a demonstration effect, and set a benchmark for digital transformation of education in Zhongshan District.

On October 17, 2023, Foreign Research Online Union Dalian Education Bureau, Dalian Education Institute, Zhongshan Education Bureau, and Zhongshan District Teachers Training School. Donggang Elementary School Education Group was listed as the first batch”It marks the official launch of the construction project of the foreign language and intelligent education practice base of Dalian Elementary School.Since the launch of the base, Foreign Studies Online Based on Foreign Study U -Student Product Matrix, the base has assisted the base to complete the smart transformation of more than 40 ordinary classrooms, build a digital teaching system covering the full -class process of the pre -class class, and realize the smart interconnection of education and technology.Essence

The donation ceremony was promoted on the basis of the first batch of pilot work. The meeting was chaired by Yu Yehong, director of the Primary School Research and Training Center of Dalian Institute of Education.

共 xa0; open a new chapter together

At the beginning of the meeting, Wang Dongling, dean of Dalian Education Institute, delivered a speech.She emphasized that smart education is of great significance to drive high -quality development of education. Facing the future, all parties should actively cooperate to jointly promote the digital transformation of basic education in Zhongshan District to a new height.

中 XA0; Han Shuangtai Dalian Education Bureau, Municipal Education Institute, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, Han Shuangxiang Education Bureau, Municipal Education Institute, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, the Secretary of the District Committee of the Zhongshan District Government.She emphasized that the district government will escort the high -quality development of the smart education in Zhongshan District with solid power and practical measures, and lay a solid foundation for the cultivation of innovative talents in the new era.

共 xa0; common innovation results

大 XA0; Yu Yehong, director of the Primary School Research and Training Center of the Dalian Institute of Education, introduced the project in detail and explained the results and highlights of smart education in practice.

外 xa0; Lang Song, general manager of the Foreign Studies Online Basic Education Division, combined with data viewing effects to report project reports, fully demonstrated the professional supporting role provided by data technology for the steady construction of the base.

东 xa0; Wang Yan, the president of Donggang Elementary School Education Group, reported on the three dimensions of the top -level design, data application, and evaluation system.

The meeting held the second batch of smart teaching equipment donation ceremony.Foreign research online will continue to help the in -depth development of foreign language and intelligent education practice base projects, and create a better teaching environment and learning experience for teachers and students.

共 xa0; co -discuss new direction

外 xa0; Peng Donglin, deputy editor -in -chief of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, spoke around the future development trend of digitalization. He expects that smart teaching equipment can contribute surging power to Donggang Primary School Education Group’s foreign language and smart education practice base project, and promote the innovation and development of schools in the field of education.

中 xa0; Li Yujun, director of the Zhongshan District Education Bureau, said that Zhongshan District attaches great importance to the digital transformation of education. It will adhere to the concept of digital and intelligent foreign language teaching, relying on foreign research U -learning smart education platforms to continuously deepen the integration and innovation of new generation of information technology and English teaching.

大 XA0; Lu Hongjian, Director of the Yijiao Department of the Dalian Education Bureau, expressed support and affirmation of the digital education promotion work of the Municipal Education Institute, District Government, and District Education Bureau.Shape new advantages in the development of education in Zhongshan District.

大 xa0; Zhao Yijie, deputy dean of Dalian Education Institute of Education, put forward three expectations for the construction of future base projects: good use of resources, building a base, and a good case.blueprint.

共 xa0; shared new technology

At the promotion meeting, Donggang Elementary School Education Group organized a unique observation and discussion and exchange activities.

观 xa0; Observation link, the leaders of the meeting and the teacher walked into the smart classroom together to feel the practical application of smart equipment in teaching.Innovative teaching models such as human -machine dialogue, diverse interaction and speaking training, etc., allow visitors to deeply experience a new paradigm of smart education under artificial intelligence.

研 XA0; The seminar and exchange session was chaired by Chen Paiqiang, director of the marketing department of foreign research online basic education division.All English teachers conducted a warm discussion on the promotion work planning of the base project, and jointly planned a new bureau and a new chapter for the future development of smart education.


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