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Lead the global sports field to carry out the artificial intelligence plan "Olympic AI agenda" release

The International Olympic Committee released the Olympic AI agenda on the 19th. While looking forward to the impact of artificial intelligence on sports, it proposed the framework of the international Olympic Committee to lead the global sports field.
The Chairman of the International Olympic Committee Bach and many people in sports, technology, and business attended this release ceremony in London.Bach said in his speech that with the rapid development of digital technology, especially artificial intelligence, the Olympic Movement once again reached the crossroads that either actively change or passively change.Overall plan.”Although some independent artificial intelligence programs have been implemented in some specific areas of sports, there is no overall strategy for artificial intelligence and sports. This is why we are going to launch the first overall plan today -our” Our “Our” Our “Olympic AI agenda.
Bach emphasized that unlike other areas of society, the sports field does not need to face whether artificial intelligence will replace human beings. “The competition always needs to be presented by athletes.You need to focus on how to use the potential of artificial intelligence to support athletes. “
“Artificial intelligence can help us find athletes and talents in every corner of the world. Artificial intelligence can provide more athletes with personalized training methods, better sports equipment, and more personalized fitness and health care plans.In terms of sports performance, artificial intelligence can also completely change the way of judging and ruling, thereby enhancing the fairness of sports competitions.The way to broadcast and make the audience’s experience more personalized and immersive. “Bach said.
Since Bach has served as the Chairman of the International Olympic Committee, the International Olympic Committee first released the Olympic Alex 2020 in 2014, focusing on sustainable, credibility and teenagers, and innovating the Olympic application procedures, Olympic terminal limits, etc.In 2021, the Olympic 2020+5 agenda was released, and 15 new reforms were added to cope with the challenges of the post -epidemic era.
The Olympic AI AD, the International Olympic Committee hopes to use the huge potential of artificial intelligence in a responsible manner.
Source: CCTV News


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