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Interest drive sports method Keep will invest more resources in outdoor sports scenes

China Youth Daily Client NewsEssenceInterest -driven exercise methods have become the trend of popular campaigns this year. Interesting movements such as cycling, marathon, eight sections, and skateboarding are becoming more and more hot.
On March 27, Keep officially released the new version of the new app 8.0 in Beijing.According to Peng Wei, co -founder of Keep, at present, Keep 8.0 has covered more than 100,000 running routes in more than 300 cities across the country. This year’s data will expand to 5 million.In the future, Keep will invest more resources in outdoor scenarios, not only to enrich more running routes, but also provide professional runners with more professional event functions and bring different experiences and gameplay.
As a sports tool, Keep is constantly expanding the access of motion categories and external hardware equipment at the functional level.Zhao Qian, senior vice president of Keep, said that low thresholds, professionalism, and sense of meaning are the user value criteria of Keep; intelligent, data and spiritual resonance are the underlying foundation of the product.In the future, Keep will continue to innovate, bringing more high -quality and convenient sports services to users, and further help the national fitness.
Source: China Youth Daily Client


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