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Immersive punch!Industrial Tourism will become a new hot spot in Shanxi Province Cultural Tourism Consumption

Datong Open Source No. 1 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park has attracted many young people to start a business.Li Meixia Photo

At the end of October last year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced the list of a new group of national industrial tourism demonstration bases. Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar Garden and Datong Kaizhou No. 1 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park were on the list.So far, the increase in the National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Base in Shanxi Province has increased to 5.

In recent years, all parts of Shanxi Province have thoroughly excavated the value of industrial tourism resources, deepened the integration of cultural tourism, continued to work hard in resource mining and format models, creatively develop industrial tourism products, extend experiential tourism consumption chains, and cultivate industrial tourism consumption into newConsumption hotspots of cultural tourism consumption.

Old factories are rejuvenating new vitality

Datong Open Source No. 1 Cultural and Creative Industrial Park was formerly known as the Gas Factory of Datong City.In the park, you can see rusty gas pipelines, old office buildings, and artworks made of various industrial materials placed on the roadside grass …

It is understood that the park is divided into “five districts, two streets and one center”.”Five Districts” are cultural creative leisure areas, creative tourism distribution zones, cultural enterprise agglomeration areas, cultural performance areas and comprehensive supporting service areas; “two streets” are regional food streets and special folk customs; “one center” means tourist servicecenter.The park is committed to creating a comprehensive supporting service park with cultural industrial agglomeration, recreational and leisure sharing, cultural education and entertainment, and industrial culture and tourism. After completion, it will become the largest industrial and cultural demonstration park in Shanxi Province.

At present, there are 37 cultural enterprises in the park, covering photography, design, film and television, technology, sculpture, painting, dining and accommodation.”Combining local rich traditional culture with distinctive modern industrial civilization, build a gathering place for cultural and creative industries, enhance urban quality, and do a good job of industrial tourism. It is not only an effective way for enterprises to promote industrial transformation and expand brand influence.Effective ways of vitality and cultural competitiveness. “The relevant person in charge of the park introduced.It is reported that the park will continue to create a green development model of “industry+modern industry+tourism”, adhere to the principles of unified economic, ecological and social benefits, continuously expand new tourism formats and new scenes, build unique cultural tourism integration integration of cultural tourism integrationComprehensive demonstration park.

“Old name” blooms new glory

In recent years, with the rise of industrial tourism, more and more tourists have entered the tourism experience of open factories, production workshops, product exhibition halls and other places for industrial enterprises. Many traditional techniques with deep cultural heritage are displayed and spread.

More than 20 years ago, in order to allow more people to understand Shanxi Lao Chen vinegar, Shanxi Lao Chen Vinegar Group based on the historical and cultural elements of vinegar and guided tourism development, and successfully founded the only vinegar cultural tourism park in the country at that time -Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar GardenEssenceSince then, Shanxi Lao Chen vinegar brewing technique shows the cultural heritage of more than 600 years in a new way.

Come to Donghu Vinegar Garden in Taiyuan City, enjoy the vinegar view of vinegar gardens, read the history of Shanxi brewing vinegar, experience non -legacy vinegar skills, taste old vinegar ice cream, start “stamping” tourism, and become a must -have project for many tourists.Since opening the park in 2000, Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar Garden has received more than 5 million tourists at home and abroad, becoming the only publicity highlight of the Chinese condiment industry’s only Chinese farming culture and vinegar culture in China.

Over the years, Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar Garden has actively promoted the scenic spot “Industrial Tourism+Non -Heritage”, “Industrial Tourism+Research”, “Industrial Tourism+Vinegar Banquet”, “Industrial Tourism+Cultural and Creative”, and enables a new situation of diversified development of cultural tourism.New glory blooms.

Visitors came to the park to taste the sweet and sour Donghu Shanxi old vinegar, and felt a thousand -year -old jealousy skills at a glance.In the park, 12 exhibition halls such as the “East Lake Meihe Judu History Exhibition Hall”, “Vinegar therapy Park”, “Vinegar Pavilion”, “Vinegar Cellar”, “Casting Workshop”, etc., opened a person to understand the Shanxi vinegar culture and in -depth experience.Time tunnels with the value of vinegar and cognition of Shanxi old vinegar.

According to the relevant person in charge of the park, the East Lake Vinegar Park has carried out characteristic “non -heritage” vinegar cultural research tour for students at different academic stages.The craftsmanship, the history and culture of Shanxi vinegar and the old vinegar are introduced into the classroom.

In addition, Taiyuan Donghu Vinegar Garden also launched the concept of “vinegar health” in the same source of medicine and food, innovatively developed the Kang Yangzhiyu banquet. In the process of constantly excavating and innovatingThe value of vinegar.At the same time, cultural and creative stores have been opened to innovate and develop a variety of Internet celebrity products such as old vinegar ice cream, old vinegar trotters, and old vinegar moon cakes.

Old logo butterfly becomes new business card

Inherit the history of history and retain the memory of the city.The “Yangquan Memory · 1947” Cultural Park is located in the former site of Yangquan Pump Popping Factory. The retro industrial style and modern artistic atmosphere are perfectly integrated here.This is the only immersive space in the country with the theme of urban memory, and it is also a representative product of “scarce” industrial civilization and life fashion in Shanxi Province.

In recent years, the “Yangquan Memory · 1947” Cultural Park has become a new attraction for tourists to “check in”.Here, the elderly people have chased the past and recalled full of memories; young people look at the past, and feel their emotions.Many of the industrial relics and collections that witnessed history have witnessed the past and present of Yangquan in different ages.

In addition to the protection and reconstruction of industrial relics, the “Yangquan Memory · 1947” Cultural Park is also committed to cultural heritage and development in addition to the protection and reconstruction of industrial relics.The urban study room rebuilt from the core workshop has a book bar, observation deck, exhibition hall, cultural and creative space, rich book collection, creative works, and various exhibitions that attract young people to “check in”.

According to reports, the “Yangquan Memory · 1947” Cultural Park will continue to promote the development of cultural and creative products, build a night tourism economy, extend the consumer scene of the park, extend the consumer industry chain, and make the tourism structure of the park more diversified.

As a new tourism format, industrial tourism has realized the cross -border integration of the secondary industry and the tertiary industry, which is of great significance to the transformation and development of Shanxi Province.Up to now, a total of 27 industrial tourism areas in Shanxi Province have been rated as the national A -level scenic spot, and 15 industrial tourism areas have been rated as national industrial tourism demonstration sites and national industrial tourism bases.And China Industrial Heritage List.


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