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Hong Kong and Shanghai ranked among the "Top Ten Financial Center in the world" in the Mainland Financial Center ranking rising

  On March 21, the British Think Tank Z/Yen Group and China (Shenzhen) Comprehensive Development Research Institute jointly released the “35th Global Financial Center Index Report (GFCI 35)”.The index evaluates and ranked major financial centers around the world from the aspects of business environment, human capital, infrastructure, level of financial industry development, and reputation.The 35th GFCI has a total of 121 financial centers entering the list. The top ten financial centers in the world are: New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Shanghai, Geneva, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seoul.In the new economic and financial environment, the development of the financial center presents new features and new trends.

  US financial center performance falls

  The development of global financial centers is expected to stabilize, and the overall slowing down.The overall average score of the global financial center rose by 1.62%, and the growth rate slowed down from the previous period, but the financial people still remained confident in the development of the financial center.GFCI research shows that the economic prospects of the world’s major economies have become stable, and major financial centers are accelerating reforms in the fields of green finance and digital technology, intending to affect the development of global economic and social development.At the same time, the results of global financial centers are diverse.Among them, the ranking of 58 financial centers has risen, 11 remains unchanged, and 52 have declined.

  The top financial centers are fiercely competitive, and the performance of the US financial center has fallen.The two major global financial centers in New York and London continue to remain unchanged. Singapore and Hong Kong once again ranked third and fourth in the world, with a score gap of only 1 point, consistent with the previous issue.After the rapid growth of the main financial center in the United States, the ranking of this period has fallen.Among them, Los Angeles and Washington ranked 2 and 4 respectively, ranking 8th and 12th in the world, and lagging behind Shanghai and Shenzhen.Among the top ten GFCI Global Financial Center in this issue, the number of US financial centers decreased from 5 to 4.

  Hong Kong and Mainland Financial Center scores have increased

  The overall Chinese financial center is steadily advanced, and the head of the head financial center is well performed well.The scores of 12 financial center cities in Hong Kong and the Mainland in this issue have all risen. Except for Beijing, other cities have maintained steadily.Shanghai and Shenzhen each rose 1, ranking 6th and 11th in the world.Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen have entered the ranks of “CENTRES LIKELY to Become More Significant”.In addition, Wuhan, Hangzhou, and Dalian ranking have risen 9, 5, and 5 again, which has further increased its popularity and influence in the world.In terms of sub -items, the four cities of Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing have “overall” the top 15 global ranks in the five aspects of business environment, human capital, infrastructure, financial industry development level, and reputation.Among them, Beijing has ranked fourth in the world’s business environment and reputation. Shenzhen ranks 4th in the field of infrastructure, and ranks seventh in the world’s development level.Over time, the degree of matching of the overall ranking of China’s financial center cities has further increased.


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