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Healthy China strategies to promote the growth of the nutritional and healthy market, Tomson Beijian’s performance leads the VDS industry

Driven by the National Policy “Healthy China 2030” plan, the domestic nutritional health market has ushered in huge room for growth, bringing unprecedented development opportunities to the dietary nutritional supplement (VDS) industry.As the leadership brand of the VDS industry, Tomson By Jian released a dazzling 2023 performance Express on the evening of February 20 with its correct strategic layout and continuous innovation investment.

According to the Express, Tomson Beijian achieved total operating income of 9.407 billion yuan in 2023, a year -on -year increase of 19.66%; net profit reached 1.746 billion yuan, an increase of 26.00%year -on -year, highlighting its strong growth momentum in the VDS industry.

Innovation is the key to promoting the breakthrough of the dietary nutritional supplement industry. Tomson Bianjian knows this, actively integrates resources, set up a nutritional health research institute, and brings together more than 200 professional teams including doctoral and master’s degree, covering medicine, covering medicine, covering medicine, covering medicine, covering medicine,Talent in many fields such as nutrition and microbiology.Through the combination of independent research and development and joint development, Tomson Bei Jian joined hands with the global cutting -edge scientific research forces to jointly build a collaborative research and development innovation system, carry out various fields of research, continuously improve the scientific research layout, and promote the transformation of scientific research results and the industry.

Under the guidance of the “Scientific Nutrition” strategy, Tomson Beijian continued to focus on “new raw materials, new functions, new technologies” to reconstruct its core competitiveness.A number of research results of the company appeared on the international academic journal “Nutrieents”, showing its deep strength in the field of scientific research.In addition, Tomson Bijian also focused on product packaging and concept innovation, and developed nutritional supplementary brands such as more “younger” YEP, Victorians C, to meet the needs of different consumers.

This time Tomson’s performance data is bright, not accidental, but due to its keen insight and continuous innovation investment in market trends.Driven by the “Healthy China 2030” plan, the domestic nutrition and health market will usher in a broader development space.As a leader in the industry, Tomson Beijian has the ability to continue to lead the development of the industry and promote the continuous progress of the dietary nutritional supplement industry.

In the new stage of development, Tomson Bei Jian continued to adhere to the scientific nutritional strategy, strengthened the hard power and scientific research soft power of the entire industry chain, and provided accurate nutritional solutions for people in different ages to help the healthy upgrade of the Chinese people.


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