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For labor education, we must "break the soil" and "break the soil"

  The educational practice base of Wangwan Primary School, Chengji Town, Fuyang City, Anhui Province is a 1,000 -square -meter micro farm. The fruits and vegetables grown in the farm are rich and diverse, like a small paradise.

  ”Why did the harvest of the same place in the same place last year, this year is not good? Some of the vegetables in the same period grow very strong, but some are not spiritual?” In May last year, student Chen Xiang took it withI doubted the school’s scientific teacher Yao Liangliang. Teacher Yao decided to use this problem as a entry point and carry out a “agricultural micro -investigation” activity with the theme of “knowing cultivated land protection”.

  Yao Liangliang invited Hao Guilin, an agronomist who came to the agricultural comprehensive service station, explained the knowledge of crops (wheat) fertilization and planting, field management, etc., so that students can understand the effects of plant growth, cultivation management, and pest control.With the rapid development of agricultural technology, fertilization is no longer “one of the factors that determine plant growth”, but soil pH has an important impact on the “yield” and “quality” of plant growth.Under the guidance of Hao Guilin, Yao Liangliang organized classmates to go to the field to carry out practical activities such as determining soil pH and carried out fertilization, organize students to observe and record the growth of crops, and explore the impact of different field management on the growth of crops during different periods.

  In April of this year, Han Chengwei received a practice report that Chen Xiang and his classmate Jia Kezhen worked closely, using the way to add organic fertilizer and cultivate soil to improve soil structures.The report records the detailed data between the soil, crops, and fertilizers during the experiment, and even the reminder of the safety details of the safety of the eye when fertilizing the fertilizer. Finally, the two also designed a poster of organic fertilizer,To increase the understanding and use of classmates for organic fertilizers.Han Chengwei immediately posted this practical report on the display board of the community classroom to guide students to continue the inquiry practice of scientific fertilization on crops.

  According to Ren Li, the principal of the school, since the founding of the Jiayu Society in 2022, Wangwan Elementary School has normalized the research and education of “students’ initiative, problem -driven, cooperative inquiry, and multi -interaction”.Learn new types of planting models such as hydroponics, fog cultivation, and matrix cultivation, walk into the breeding workshop of large bull farmers to learn modern feed technology, visit large -scale agricultural equipment such as large pesticide spraying machines, joint harvesters, and various tractors to learn about modern agriculture and traditionThe difference between agriculture … A series of immersive learning experiences make students relax the mind and feel the scientific spirit, but also laid a seed that loves agriculture and determines to explore agricultural science.

  At present, the farmers’ busy seasons who have entered the “Yanghua Flowance Fragrance and Everyone in April”, opened Chen Xiang’s “secret cheats”, which has been carefully copied on the spring field management given by agricultural experts.Suggestions: One control (controlling and defending), one promotion (promoting weakness and strength), two guarantee (the stable seedlings are stable, the preservation of the sacrifice is suitable), the three prevention (anti -spring cold, disease -proof and grass pests, anti -staining harm).


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