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Financial services have temperature and agricultural warmth in the Agricultural Bank of China

At 9 am on March 20th, a sanitation sister was sitting on the side door outside the business room of the Yutian Sub -branch of Agricultural Bank of Agricultural. The face was a little pale, obviously uncomfortable.The person in charge of Yutian Sub -branch supported the sanitation sister to the business hall to ask if she needed to help the hospital or contact her family members, and handed a cup of warm water and a hot towel to the eldest sister.The eldest sister said that after taking the medicine for a while, the elder sister comforted the elder sister’s concern. The sanitation sister took the medicine and took a rest for a while.

During the rest process, the sanitation sister found that there was a “agricultural warmth” sign on the wall behind her. The employees of the Agricultural Bank of China said that there are comfortable seats, old flowers, hot water, anti -fraud missionary manuals in the rest area, etc.There are even more warm -hearted services with a smile, and you are welcome to come over to drink a glass of water and rest.

A few days later, the sanitation sister took a banner to thank the bank staff for their care and help. Jinqi wrote “Agricultural Bank of China services to solve their difficulties, and true feelings are warm like spring.” The elder sister said.The warm -hearted service made her feel the warmth of this society and respect for an ordinary sanitation worker.

It is understood that in 2022, the Agricultural Bank of China and the National Federation of Trade Unions held the “Agricultural Warring in Warm Domain-Trade Union Outdoor Worker Service Station” launching ceremony to release the “Agricultural Love Warrior” agricultural bank outlet service brand to be sanitation workers, courier, and takeaway distributors, Taxi drivers, online car drivers, traffic police and other outdoor workers provide various types of public welfare services such as drinking water, driving cold and avoiding rain, mobile phone charging, and other types of public welfare services to help the majority of outdoor workers solve practical difficulties.


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