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Financial Observation / Hong Kong played financial advantages to achieve high -quality development \ Deng Yu, a special researcher at the Shanghai Financial and Development Laboratory

  Picture: Hong Kong needs to seize the opportunity of a new round of global scientific and technological revolution, use unique advantages, help build a “dual -cycle” development pattern, and achieve high -quality development.

  As the state accelerates the new development pattern of “dual -cycle” and implements the strategy of the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong has become an important intermediary connecting the Mainland and the international market, and the two -way service platform of the country’s “introduction” and “going out”.The Hong Kong economy will increase from volume to quality improvement.From 1980 to 2022, the actual average growth rate of GDP in Hong Kong was about 4.1%. In 2022, the GDP scale reached 359.8 billion US dollars, surpassing medium -sized economies such as Finland and Portugal.GDP increased by 3.2%in 2023, continuing the recovery trend.In the new stage of development, the Hong Kong economy will have more development opportunities, and its unique competitive advantage will continue to prominent.

  Hong Kong can seize new growth opportunities from four dimensions:

  First, a new round of emerging industries spawned by the scientific and technological revolution.Hong Kong has advantageous resources for developing cutting -edge science and technology. It not only has the top international research colleges, but also brings together high -precision scientific research talents, but also has a mature capital market, various asset management institutions and investment banks, and has the fertile soil of investment in high -tech industries.The development of emerging industries in Hong Kong can make efforts from two aspects: on the one hand, we can strengthen basic research on cutting -edge fields such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, communication technology, etc., and give play to the advantages of strong basic research strength in Hong Kong universities, and continue to increase basic research and cutting -edge technology research and development investment.Actively participate in the construction of the Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, make full use of the rich application scenarios in the Mainland, and promote disruptive innovation in the high -tech field; on the other hand, deeply integrate into major regional strategies such as the Greater Bay Area, and accelerate the construction, Deepen the cooperation of the mainland technology and manufacturing centers, introduce new energy, equipment manufacturing, and new materials to invest in Hong Kong to invest in factories to create a mid -to -high -end industrial chain.

  Second, the flourishing development of digital trade and intermediate products.Hong Kong is the International Trade and Shipping Center. In 2022, the overall export value was about HK $ 4.2 trillion, of which 55.6%of the Mainland.With the status of free trade ports and international financial centers, and open and convenient policies, Hong Kong has become an important destination for cross -border e -commerce.As the International Trade Center, Hong Kong can make efforts from two aspects: First, it is convenient to facilitate financial taxation, finance, and market access policy, deepen the digital innovation test of trade with the Greater Bay Area, and promote the cross -border flow of data and trading market in the Greater Bay Area.Construction, encourage and support large and medium -sized cross -border e -commerce companies to set up a trading platform in Hong Kong; the other is to strive to join the RCEP agreement as soon as possible, and use the opportunity of market opening and intermediate product trade in the region to promote the implementation of the freedom and convenience of the trade in the mainland and Hong Kong goods and Hong Kong.At the same time, we will strengthen investment cooperation and trade with Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America, expand diversified trading partners, and continuously improve the status of trade value chain.

  Green Finance promotes industrial transformation

  Third, global climate operations will inspire Hong Kong’s green financial potential.Hong Kong’s capital market and Chinese and foreign financial institutions have layout of green finance earlier, market mechanisms are relatively mature, and the green financial market has grown strongly.The total scale of green bonds issued in Hong Kong in 2022 reached 80 billion US dollars, accounting for one -third of the entire Asian market.The state introduced the “1+N” policy system around the “double carbon” strategy. Hong Kong can play the advantages of green financial experience, accelerate the construction of international green technology and financial centers, and help the country’s green financial development.From the perspective of two dimensions: On the one hand, the SAR government is committed to promoting Hong Kong to become the green financial hub in the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area.On the other hand, Hong Kong has green finance financing platforms, and capital markets and financial institutions have great potential space for promoting green credit, green bonds and green funds.It is conducive to promoting the development of Hong Kong’s new energy and photovoltaic industries, green transformation in the shipping industry, the use of new energy public transportation, and the green development of fishery and agriculture.

  Fourth, international financial assets and wealth management will bring new opportunities.Hong Kong has a deep global asset management foundation, many financial infrastructure, financial services and professional institutions, and it is also the world’s largest offshore RMB market.Since 1997, the scale of bonds (snacks) issued in Hong Kong has been increasing, and the cumulative dim sum bonds issued by domestic and foreign institutions at the end of 2023 were nearly 1.9 trillion yuan.BCG predicts that in 2027, Hong Kong is expected to become the world’s largest wealth management and financial center, and the management of overseas assets will exceed $ 3 trillion.In comparison, Hong Kong has two aspects: on the one hand, Hong Kong’s financial market has continued to increase its anti -risk capabilities. From 2013 to 2023, Hong Kong’s official foreign exchange reserve assets increased from US $ 31.121 billion to US $ 425.55 billion.13.28%rose to 18.95%, and Hong Kong’s financial systems were running steadily for a long time.On the other hand, Hong Kong’s asset management market is mature. It is expected that the average annual growth of Hong Kong’s wealth management business from 2022 to 2027 will reach 7.6%.With the reconstruction of global asset allocation, the Mainland and Hong Kong bond markets and financial markets are accelerating in both directions.Fund has steadily enhanced the status of the Asian Asset Management Center in Hong Kong.

  Attract the listing of global unicorn companies

  How to promote the level of energy level in the international financial center of Hong Kong:

  The first is to make full use of the national policy window to expand high levels of opening.The financial structures such as banks, insurance and securities in Hong Kong are diverse, numerous, and the number of professional talents is gathered.Facing the new situation of global competition, the country has expanded and opened up, and the high -level institutional open policy has been introduced one after another.Hong Kong, as a window for the country to open to the outside world, has the advantages of international and domestic circulation. In the future, it can use the advantages of the elements of international financial centers and international influence.On the one hand, improve the construction of the “Shanghai -Hong Kong Stock Connect” and “Shenzhen -Hong Kong Stock Connect” system, help cross -border financial management, financial markets and bond markets in both directions, and optimize the “bond”, “cross -border wealth management”, and digital RMB cross -border pilots.Strengthen the interconnection of the financial markets between the two places; on the other hand, give full play to the special functional advantages of Hong Kong’s world’s largest offshore RMB market, accelerate the creation of financial hubs connecting China and the world, strengthen the cooperation between the two international financial centers of Shanghai and Hong Kong, deepen Chinese capital of the two places in the two placesThe overalls of financial institutions are coordinated, and the business scale and influence of “bonds” and “cross -border financial management” business are promoted to the “five large articles” to promote business model innovation and product innovation.

  The second is to promote the positive cycle of technology, finance and the real economy.The financial industry is the pillar industry of the Hong Kong economy. It is widely distributed at home and abroad, and financial practitioners account for high proportion.In 2021, Hong Kong’s financial industry output value accounted for 23.3%of GDP. Although the proportion of the output value of the financial industry continued to rise, the pace of manufacturing and technological innovation has slowed down.In 2021, Hong Kong’s industrial added value accounted for about 6%of GDP, and the ratio of this ratio in 1998 was 14.2%; the proportion of R & D expenditure in the same period of R & D expenditure was less than 1%.The gravity is about 0.7%.Looking at the world’s major capital markets and international financial centers, the scientific and technological ingredients have continued to improve, and the market value of head technology companies has increased strongly, and it has also attracted a large amount of private capital.Hong Kong wants to increase government scientific and technological investment, launch an attractive incentive policy, increase encouragement and attract global technology companies to invest in Hong Kong, support the listing of “unicorn” companies worldwide in Hong Kong, and actively build Hong Kong’s science and technology financial innovation ecosystem, Encourage the optimization of scientific and technological financial services in Hong Kong financial institutions and improve the “technology gold content” of the Hong Kong International Financial Center.

  The third is to accelerate the improvement of capital market functions that adapt to global competition.The competition in the global capital market has become fierce, and new listing financing models such as SPAC (special purpose acquisition company) and CPC (capital pool company) have emerged, and most of them are concentrated to high -growth technology enterprises.Hong Kong’s capital market has a mature market mechanism and an open institutional culture, and has favorable conditions for developing into an important capital market in the region and even the world.On the one hand, the high degree of diversification and internationalization of Hong Kong’s capital market has become the preferred place for mainland companies.On the other hand, Hong Kong is an important asset and wealth management center in the Asia -Pacific region.As the state has accelerated the opening of high -level systems, the Hong Kong development capital market has the unique advantages of two international and domestic markets and two resources.Facing a new trend of global capital market development, it is necessary for Hong Kong to deepen the reform of the capital market, accelerate the reform of GEM listing, build an open platform, improve the access system, and encourage potential domestic and foreign companies to accelerate listing in Hong Kong.

  How to seize a new round of new opportunities for the global scientific and technological revolution and play a unique advantage to help build a new development pattern of “dual -cycle”, which is related to the prospect of Hong Kong’s economy to achieve high -quality development.In comparison, it is not advisable to completely abandon the export -oriented economic model. The key is to accelerate the economic transformation and optimize the economic structure. On the one hand, it is necessary to enhance the value chain of the industrial chain of export trade, promote the export of high -end goods and services, and obtain higher additional additionsOn the other hand, it is necessary to improve the high -end finance, fiscal and taxation, and legal service system of the world, and enhance Hong Kong’s international open window status.The country comprehensively supports the high -quality development of Hong Kong’s economy and society, solidly promotes the practice of “one country, two systems”, has stable political ecology and social operations in Hong Kong, and has sufficient fiscal and monetary policy. It will have potential, capable, and conditions to achieve stable growth and long -term prosperity.


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