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Enjoy the happiness of sports!Hunan Women’s College is sent to sports to the countryside

Hunan Daily, May 20 (Correspondent Lai Biao Lai Shenglan) “Flying is here, catch it!” “Walking rope, take off, turn the rope …” A burst of laughter came up on the basketball court in the village.On May 19th, Hunan Women’s College launched the “Sports Empowerment Country Revitalization” and “Seed Plan” holiday public welfare class (sixth phase) activities in Gaoyang Village, Hongjiang City to improve the sports literacy of rural teachers and students, enrich villagers’ sports and cultural life, and local locally.A total of more than 50 teachers and students and villagers participated in the activities.
In order to facilitate everyone to carry out sports activities daily, the Sports Department of Hunan Women’s College presented sports equipment such as skipping rope, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, and volleyball to the teachers and students participating in the event.In the basketball court of Gaoyang Village, various characteristic and sports courses such as basketball, table tennis, rope skipping, and flying disks have been carried out one after another.Teachers combine the game with the teaching content, and guide the children to master the correct posture to allow them to enjoy the happiness of sports.Teachers from the physical education class of Hunan Women’s College also exchanged in -depth teaching experience with rural physical education teachers to help improve the level of physical education and teaching.
“Preparatory formula, walking on the left foot, the same width as the shoulders …” With the password and soothing soundtrack, Wu Yong, a physical education teacher of Hunan Women’s College, taught the full version of Health Qigong Eight Duan Jin Jin.Everyone followed the teacher and devoted themselves to one move.The villager Aunt Li said with a smile that there are many benefits of physical exercise.
“Create a national fitness atmosphere through cultural activities, enhance the cohesion and effort between the masses, and the integration of civilized and scientific lifestyle into the rural civilization and promote the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside.” Said Wang Qingyun, deputy director of the Sports Department of Hunan Women’s College.
Since settled in Gaoyang Village in Hongjiang City in May 2023, the village rejuvenation team of Hunan Women’s College has continuously exerted its own strengths to help local villages revitalize.Liu Guofeng, the captain of the village work team, said: “Civilization has its spirit and strong body. In the future, we will also organize more sports activities to make the people feel more sense and happiness.”


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