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Digitalization allows education "new" in education

  For Ma Peihan, the fifth grade of Tongxin County No. 2 Primary School in Tongxin County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, daily learning life is “dealing” with digitalization.

  Entering the classroom, the teacher uses digital blackboard and intelligent teaching assistants to push course resources and interactive games for students, and the classroom teaching is fun; when self -study, students use tablet computer to log in to the national smart education platform.In the lunch break, Ma Peihan called her mother through the electronic class card to share her learning experience happily.

  At the moment of digitalization, one root network, eliminate digital gaps, and promote the balanced development of high -quality education; one screen with different classrooms to change, improve, and improve the quality of education;You can learn everywhere.

  Digitalization is “new” in Chinese education.

  Education development compulsory course

  This year’s government work report proposes to vigorously develop digital education.

  Huai Jinpeng, the Minister of Education, said that for a large country like China with a large population and unbalanced development, to achieve high -quality development of education, developing digital education is not an elective course, but a compulsory course. It not only has meaning, but alsoIt is really effective.

  How fast is the development of digital education in China? On January 31, news from the 2024 World Digital Education Conference held in Shanghai: The Global Digital Education Development Index released by the Chinese Academy of Education and Sciences shows that China’s rank9.

  Infrastructure is becoming increasingly complete.At present, the Internet access rate of various schools at all levels has reached 100%, and more than 3/4 schools achieve wireless network coverage. 99.5%of schools have multimedia classrooms.Education new infrastructure has gradually advanced, actively deployed the construction of education special networks, and promoted the application of network technologies such as 5G and IPv6.All localities have accelerated the construction of teaching environments such as intelligent interactive classrooms and virtual imitation laboratories, strengthened the integration of the connection between physical space and virtual space, and promoted iterative upgrades of educational infrastructure.

  High -quality resources realize inclusive sharing.In 2022, the Ministry of Education launched the implementation of digital strategic operations of education, and the national smart education platform was launched.According to statistics, the National Smart Education Platform has connected 519,000 schools, radiating 18.8 million teachers, 293 million students in schools and social learners.In 2023, the National Smart Education Platform Project won the UNESCO Prize of Education.At present, the national intelligent education platform covers all stages of basic education, vocational education, and higher education, covering all aspects of virtue, wisdom, beauty and labor, and the supply of high -quality resources has continued to increase.The total resources of the Chinese primary and secondary school platforms have increased to 88,000, the vocational education platform has more than 10,000 online boutique courses, and more than 27,000 high -quality macarolic lessons have been launched in higher education platforms.

  With the continuous advancement of large -scale applications, the coverage of high -quality digital resources in Chinese education has improved significantly.In recent years, China has focused on the gap between the regional gap, and implemented the “Mu Class Western Plan 2.0”, providing 198,000 Mu classes and customized courses, and serving 540 million students in western universities.Based on the promotion of rural rejuvenation, the first digital support innovation test was launched in 2023. It was a 14,000 rural primary and secondary school students, and sent more than 2,500 science science and art courses.Today, East China Normal University volunteers located in Shanghai, China, can experience traditional culture, perceive technology at the forefront of science and technology, and communicate the inner world through the platform and thousands of miles away.Digital education is allowing more high -quality resources to break through time and space, Unicom urban and rural areas, crossing the mountains and sea, and enhance social justice with fair education.

  At the 2024 World Digital Education Conference, Huai Jinpeng said that China will carry out application demonstrations on a larger scale, choose provinces, cities, counties, and central and western regions with some conditions to promote national platforms, all members, and entire process applications, and promote the establishment of pilotsDemonstration, encourage school resources and services at all levels to embed platform resources and services into education and teaching; use digital education resources to enrich students’ interests and make high -quality digital resources “gold” glow; support lifelong learning, and continue to enrich the Social SchoolResources, various forms help society learners to update their knowledge, enhance technical skills, and make digital education covering people’s life.

  New field of artificial intelligence

  At present, AI (artificial intelligence) is empowering Chinese education with unprecedented depth and breadth, and digital education is becoming a new field of artificial intelligence development.These “black technology” represented by intelligent assistants not only promoted the change of teaching paradigm, but also improved the digital literacy of teachers.

  Whether it is located in remote high altitude areas or first -tier cities with dense population, the technology of artificial intelligence has a positive impact on the development of education.

  In Beijing Shijia Primary School, with the help of human -machine interaction and large modeling technology, teachers can explain the content across disciplines in the classroom. Students can interact with robots at any time. Classroom interaction and problem solving speeds have greatly improved compared with the traditional model.Beijing Jiaotong University Affiliated Primary School uses its intelligent evaluation, operation management, classroom interactive management and other functions to monitor and feedback students’ knowledge grasp and assignment. Teachers can adjust the teaching details and management in time according to the data.The collection and analysis ability has been greatly improved, which enhances teaching pertinence.

  In the morning reading class and Chinese, English classrooms of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, the morning reading, fan reading, recitation inspection, speaking evaluation and other links are all realized by AI teaching robots.The problem of non -standard pronunciation effectively improves the general language and text levels of teachers and students of the school.

  ”The empowerment of artificial intelligence is obvious to improve the quality of teaching. These schools have achieved the records and analysis of multi -disciplinary integration teaching, accurate evaluation and teaching process by introducing our elephant AI teaching robots to introduce our elephant AI teaching robots.” Beijing executes the image of the image.Jin Qinghua, chairman of Technology Development Co., Ltd. told this newspaper, “As a scientific and technological innovation enterprise in primary and secondary school teaching, we have developed a large elephant AI teaching robot in the classroom teaching of primary and secondary schools.Deliven to build inspirational interactive classrooms, provide virtual teachers for students, and personalized questions and answers on student problems, including activities that interact with AI, realize the coordination of human -machine & lsquo; Double teacher classroom & rsquo; increase the fun of the classroom. “

  Intelligent interconnection blackboard, 3D experimental simulation cabin, automatic panel analysis system & hellip; & hellip; advanced technology iterative update, helps to promote new teaching equipment and teaching methods, and also drives tens of millions of full -time teachers to continuously learn and improve digital literacy.

  2023年,教育部发布《教师数字素养》行业标准,明确教师数字素养内涵为:适当利用数字技术获取、加工、使用、管理和评价数字信息和资源,发现、分析和解决教育教学问题,优化、Innovation and change of education and teaching activities have consciousness, ability, and responsibilities.How to cultivate teachers’ digital literacy? What are the exploration practice in schools in various places? How to reduce the gap between the application of information technology in urban and rural teachers?

  Huai Jinpeng said: “In the future, we will be committed to cultivating a large number of teachers with digital literacy, strengthening the construction of our teachers, and deepening artificial intelligence technology into the entire process and management of education, teaching and management, to study its effectiveness, Adaptability, make the younger generation more actively learn, and make teachers more creative teaching. “

  New progress in “Mu Class Going to the Sea”

  Digital education not only opens up the barriers between the curriculum, but also expands the classroom unlimited. Students who are in a classroom may come from different schools or even from different countries.With the development of digital education, China’s “Mu lesson goes to the sea” has made new progress.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education, in 2020, China led the establishment of the World Mu Class and Online Education Alliance. The president of Tsinghua University served as the chairman of the alliance. Members include 17 well -known universities and 6 online education institutions in 16 countries.Relying on the World Mu Class and the Online Education Alliance, China Mu class offers 341 global integration courses, launched 10 global fusion certificate projects, and nearly 25.4 million learners; cooperation with more than 30 well -known universities and online education institutions in the worldThe two -way communication channels for curriculum introduction and output have been established, and 88 Chinese universities are organized to provide nearly 300 high -level macro courses for Indonesia in Indonesia, covering more than 3,000 universities in Indonesia.At the same time, Xi’an Jiaotong University relies on the Silk Road University Alliance to open 30 training topics and 743 courses such as energy chemical and health care; Southwest Jiaotong University implements the “Belt and Road” initiative, conducts courses and textbooks, and cultivates 80 from 80More than 5,000 rail transit talents in the remaining countries have radiated more than 200 universities and more than 100,000 online learners at home and abroad; Southern University of Science and Technology helped 13 Asian and African countries including Cambodia and Kenya to build smart classrooms.

  Nowadays, the scale and application scale of Chinese mood classes have become the number one in the world.In 2023, China held the 2023 World Mu Class and Online Education Conference in Italy. More than 70 universities, online education platforms, international organizations, and government agencies from 21 countries attended the meeting.Successfully realized “Mu class to go to the sea”.

  The “circle of friends” is still expanding.

  During the 2024 World Digital Education Conference, the World Digital Education Alliance was established. At the same time, the international version of the National Smart Education Public Service Platform of China was launched.”The platform will be able to push 780 Chinese gold classes to the world to provide global learners with uninterrupted learning support for 24 hours. Share high -quality digital education resources with countries around the world to meet the instant learning needs of people in different regions.Wu Yan, deputy minister of the Ministry of Education, said.


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