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Comprehensive policy, scientific anti -cancer!This healthy free clinic activity is really intimate

From April 15th to 21st is the National Tumor Prevention and Propaganda Week. It is a strong atmosphere of anti -cancer and anti -cancer atmosphere for the whole people. Recently, the Caihe Street Community Health Service Center held a “comprehensive policy, scientific anti -cancer” health in Guanyintang ParkFree consultation.
At the scene, medical staff measured blood pressure and blood sugar for residents for free, and provided service items such as eye atomization fumigation, in vitro shock wave therapy, dermatologist laser therapy, smoking cessation clinic consultation, etc. At the same time, it guided everyone to correctly understand and prevent and control cancer.Early discovery, early diagnosis, and early treatment.Chinese medicine practitioners also provide pulse diagnosis for residents and provide traditional Chinese medicine services such as massage and moxibustion.
“Prevent cancer should be far away from tobacco and alcohol, maintain a reasonable diet, exercise in moderation, maintain a happy mood, and regular medical examinations.” Experts put forward professional suggestions for the health of the residents themselves.
This free clinic not only advocates a healthy and civilized lifestyle, but also effectively enhances the awareness of residents’ cancer prevention and treatment, and creates a good atmosphere of people participating in anti -cancer and anti -cancer.


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