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Chongqing Puyang builds a tens of billions of yuan in fashion clothing industry

  Recently, Qi Meiwen, Secretary of the Puyang County Party Committee of Chongqing City, and Tu Yan, deputy director of the Multi -type Transportation Office of the Municipal Port Logistics Office, Zhou Qilin, deputy general manager of Luhai New Channel Operation Co., Ltd., and Zhang Lixia, Deputy Director of the Business Office of the EIA Department of the Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau.In Zhongshan City, the Cowboy Industrial City and County License Investment Merchants.Chen Zijian, Honorary Chairman of Guangdong Jian Textiles Co., Ltd., Su Guorong, Chairman of Jiangyinhe Shun Pants Co., Ltd., Wu Zhongxiang, Chairman of Guangdong Gaopinhui Water Co., Ltd., Zhao Wei, Chairman of Guangdong Jiuhe Clothing Co., Ltd.Zhou Zunqiang, chairman of the company, and Shui Weiliang, the leader of Puyang County, attended the investment negotiation.

  At the conference, the entrepreneurs participating in in -depth exchanges around the business environment, factor facilities, and investment promotion policies, and have a strong interest in the investment potential of Puyang, expressing their confidence in investing in Puyang, and reaching the industrial chain investment and landing real estate projects with the industrial chain.Cooperation intention.

  Qi Meiwen, the secretary of the county party committee, expressed his gratitude to the entrepreneurs for their care for support for supporting the development of Puyang, and sincerely invited everyone to go to Puyang to investigate and invest in business.Qi Meiwen said that Puyang is one of the key counties of the 160 rural rejuvenation in the country. The Chongqing Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to it.With the completion of the Pupeng High Speed speed this year and the construction of the Chongqing high -speed rail, Puyang will accelerate the integration of the new land and sea channel in the western region. Traffic logistics is becoming more and more convenient, and its location advantages are becoming increasingly obvious.At present, Chongqing is accelerating the construction of the “33618” modern manufacturing cluster system, bringing a broad space to the development of the textile and clothing industry.Liyang is in depth to implement the requirements of the municipal party committee and municipal government, fully optimize the business environment, vigorously develop denim processing and foreign trade, continuously improve the facilities of the park’s elements, further extend the industrial chain, strengthen the industry scale, and accelerate the construction of 10 billion -level fashion clothing industryEssenceEntrepreneurs are welcome to investigate investment in Puyang, and work together with Puyang to create and win a win -win development.

  Qi Meiwen said that Puyang will further optimize the business environment, polish the three major brands of “酉 service”, “酉 酉” and “seven major special rectification”, implement the county leaders to contact the service enterprise system, and create a “enterprise full life cycle”The exclusive service chain, do a good job of docking services throughout the process, make every effort to promote the implementation of investment projects, and use nanny services to help enterprises develop and grow.Continuously strengthen the guarantee of factor, do a good job of “chain owner” investment promotion, stabilize the channel supply channels, explore the establishment of a wholesale market, and promoteIndustrial clustersDevelopment and chain development.


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