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Chongqing Food and Agricultural Products Projects Industry and Education Unite was established

On April 25, the construction site meeting of Chongqing Municipal Industry and Education Unite and the establishment of the production and education consortium of Chongqing Food and Agricultural Products Processing Industry was held in Jiangjin District.Upstream journalists learned from the conference that in order to further promote the construction of production and education consortia, deepen the integration of production and education, and promote the physical operation of food and agricultural processing industries, Chongqing Food and Agricultural Processing Industry and Education Unite was officially established.
It is understood that Chongqing Food and Agricultural Products Projects Industry and Education Unite (later referred to as the “Industry and Education Union”) is the led consortium of the 2023 industrial park identified by Chongqing.In accordance with the overall ideas of “government coordinating, gathered in the park, co -construction of various parties, entity operations, and opening up”, under the guidance of the People’s Government of Jiangjin District, based on the food and agricultural processing industry, based on Chongqing Jiangjin Industrial ParkAnd agricultural product processing enterprises, vocational colleges, colleges, scientific research institutes, and industry associations form a production and education consortium to carry out efficient physical operations, build a shared resource service platform, promote the reform of talent training, improve the reform of talents, improve, improveMutual and symbiosis service development capabilities, implement two -wheel drive education and industry, gather funds, technology, talents, policies and other resources, promote the matching of production and education resources, supply and demand docking, two -way mutual promotion, gather new kinetic energy, enhance the core competitiveness of the industryEssence
According to the construction plan, after the establishment of a physical operation mechanism, the consortium of the production and education will establish a centers for the integration center of the western food and valley production education and education and education and education industry in the western part of Chongqing to provide human resources, vocational skills training, and technology for the food and agricultural product processing industry in the west.Market -oriented services such as research, and promote the integrated cooperation between industry -university -research and research among the units of consortiums by project management.
Among them, in terms of talent training, it will help promote the reform of apprenticeships with Chinese characteristics from the combination of production and education, implement 10 special training programs for “on -site engineers”, cultivate 1,000 students, build 30 municipal modern industry students, and in production and educationMembers in the United body set up apprentices at 30%of the total number of positions.
In the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship, the production and education consortium will establish a precise push employment service mechanism, carry out human resources supply and demand information docking services, and seamlessly connect graduate information with employment information information.During the construction period, graduate push employment services will be fully covered in the combination of production and education, and the overall employment rate of the consortium will reach more than 96%; the employment guidance training for college students will be carried out by 30,000 person -times, and 100 graduate entrepreneurship projects will be funded.
The relevant person in charge of the production and education consortium stated that by creating a symbiotic development ecosystem, the production and education consortium has unblocked the channels of integration and development of various parties, and will further improve the adaptability of vocational education and regional economic development, enhance vocational school running ability, and promote scientific and technological research.The transformation and application of technological achievements can be achieved to achieve the common development of the consortium member units and serve the high -quality development of the regional economy and society.
Upstream journalist Wang Zihan


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