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Chinese scientists explore the division of labor of human brain

Recently, the reporter learned from the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the team of the Brain Network Group Research Center has proposed a new concept of the co -brain network symbol of brain function network, developed new indicators of quantitativeization, and portrayed the participation function of different brain brain areas at the individual level.The spatial distribution model of the network further explores the division of labor in the brain of human brain from the biological foundation.
Scientific researchers point out that if the subway line map is used to compare the analogy, the brain area is different sites, and the network is different subway lines. Among them, the high -traffic subway station participates in different lines and the mode of subway stations with small traffic.The pattern must be different. When this can be quantitatively portrayed, you can find the law of this participation mode distribution from the entire subway line diagram, so as to understand the entire subway operation system -the operation of the brain.
According to reports, related studies were published in the “Magazine of Neurosciences”.Jiang Tianzai, author of the common communication author and researcher at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the complex behavior of human beings is driven by different functional networks in the brain.These networks are essentially a collection of brain areas, and communicate with each other through functional connections.Their connectivity is expressed in the timing characteristics of the neural activity mode.
This study deepened the understanding of the brain functional tissue model, revealed the model of brain areas to participate in different brain function networks, and explored the basis and genetic factors behind it.In addition, researchers used large -scale, high -quality human brain function magnetic resonance data to obtain different -scale individual -based brain function networks, and proposed the concept of the network representation in space, developed the symbol of symbolismQuantitative indicators.
It is worth noting that the quantitative indicators proposed at the individual level are expected to play an important role in the study of brain science and brain diseases. For example, in the future, patients can perform functional magnetic resonance scans to obtain the distribution mode of this indicator of patients.Then perform individualized disease diagnosis.
According to Xinhua News Agency
“Xihai Metropolis Daily” (April 19, 2024 Edition B9: China · Focus)
Source: Xihai Metropolis Daily


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