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Case | Philips Shangxian helps Xiamen Songku Wharf Tourist Distribution Center to light up the Smart Cultural Tourism Brand

    Nowadays, digitalization has become an important direction and powerful engine for the development of the cultural tourism industry. The number of wisdom technologies -driving cultural tourism products is iterative, and new scenes of cultural tourism consumption have emerged.Philips Shangxian joined hands with Xiamen Songku Terminal Tourism Distribution Center to create a smart Hou Ship Hall with a small spacing SMD spacing LED product, showing the colorful tourism resources of Xiamen, and helping to light up the brand of wisdom and cultural tourism.

    Restore the original color, one screen “crystal” color

    Xiamen is a well -known tourist city. Its colorful tourism resources are urban publicity business cards.The Flying Crystal SMD spacing LED series products of Flying Crystal SMD, the Flying SMD spacing of Xiamen City, is in line with the promotional needs of Xiamen City Cultural Tourism. A screen of “Crystal” color is used to restore the original color of tourist scenic spots with ultra -high -definition and real color display effects.

    The Flying Crystal SMD spacing LED series products have the characteristics of high contrast, high refresh rate, clear picture quality, and strong color reduction power, and expand the boundaries of the cultural tourism industry with digital wisdom.Passengers can immediately immersely experience the famous monuments and local customs of Xiamen in the Houchai Hall.

    Easy installation, one screen and worry

    With its professionalism, integration, and customized installation service, Philips Shangxian provides a strong support for the perfect landing of the Wisdom Hou Ship Hall of Xiamen Songku Terminal Tourism Collection Center.

    The flying crystal SMD spacing LED series products adopt a thin and light design to support the rapid maintenance and disassembly of toollessness, while adapting to multiple installation methods.At the same time, Philips Shangxian’s professional installation team can tailor -made installation plans according to the actual wall conditions of the Hou Shipping Hall, and fully fully delivered in a timely manner, so that customers can reassure, worry -free, and assured.

    In addition, the Flying Crystal SMD spacing LED series products have intelligent heat dissipation functions. While supporting normal operation for a long time, the cost is reduced.


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