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Calgary to reopen golf courses amidst unusually warm weather

Due to unusually warm weather, the City of Calgary will take the unprecedented step of reopening two City-owned golf courses – Maple Ridge and Shaganappi Point – in mid-November. The courses will be open from Nov. 10 to 19, when temperatures are expected to reach 10 degrees Celsius.

John Faber, director of golf course operations for the City of Calgary, expressed excitement about the opportunity to extend the golf season and said the public response has been very positive. He also acknowledged the challenges of reopening the course, including staffing shortages caused by seasonal worker layoffs.

To address the staffing shortage, Faber said the team has stepped up its efforts and is eager to try new things, such as implementing an 18-hole crossover system at Maple Ridge and two different nine-hole options at Shaganabee Point.

Calgary to reopen golf courses amidst unusually warm weather

Temporary greens will replace regular greens, and golfers may have a hard time getting their clubs into the ground because the grass is dormant. However, Ferber assures that there is no need to worry about turf damage.

Calgary golfer Kyle McNichol expressed great enthusiasm for the opportunity to play in mid-November and applauded the City of Calgary’s decision to open the course.

Faber said the trials could open further in December, weather permitting. However, he emphasized that the final decision will depend on the weather forecast, and if the weather worsens, the course will be closed.

Overall, the City of Calgary’s decision to reopen the golf course was a welcome surprise for golfers and demonstrated the city’s willingness to adapt to unexpected weather conditions.


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