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2024 "Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty" National Employee Online Fitness Movement Series Activities Launch

Original title: 2024 “Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty” National Employee Online Fitness Movement Series Activities Start

In order to thoroughly study and publicize the implementation of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, implement the requirements of the 18th China Trade Union’s deployment, create a healthy civilization, upward, and all employee culture, and further play the role of the nation’s online fitness sports platform (Fun WILLGO), Deepen the “menu” and “order style” service model, promote the intelligent construction of the number of staff and sports activities of employees, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, and the public union of the National Federation of Trade Unions.The online fitness sports series has officially launched a few days ago and will continue until the end of November this year.

The National Employee Online Fitness Movement Series is an important part of the national and sports demonstration activities of employees in 2024.The sports challenge is composed, and according to the organizational development of each region and the rankings, the national employee online fitness sports excellent organization award, excellent organization award and online sports conference ranking award.

The series of activities make full use of the mobile Internet means to provide more than 30 indoor and outdoor universal sports projects including AI sports fields, room fitness training, walking, running, and cycling to meet the needs of fitness sports needs of different scenes of employees.Employees in various places can register through uniform units through units. They can choose suitable projects according to individual actual situation, participate in different sports methods, and form data summary to form the list results.

The series of activities are the Federation of Trade Unions of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, the national industrial unions, the central and state organs’ trade union federations, and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Federation of Trade Unions as the provincial trade unions (national industrial unions).For the secondary zone.Units and individuals who have participated in the 2023 series of activities do not need to register again and automatically obtain qualifications.

In 2023, the “Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty” National Employee Online Fitness Movement Series A total of 88 single competitions, 23 provincial -level sub -stations, and one national online sports meeting.5845 local and industrial trade union organizations across the country responded positively. A total of 124,000 units and 6.677 million employees participated, and the cumulative number of exercise punch was 1.16 billion times.

Source: “Workers Daily” official WeChat


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